3 Days Writers’ Workshop

In a bid to add values unto others and see, most especially, budding writers being equipped with the right tools, Witty Writers’ World hosted a 3-Day Writers’ Workshop from 30th of April, 2020 to 2nd of May, 2020.
In this workshop, the participants learnt some Elements of good writing, Keys to writing a good poem, The art of story writing, How to fight writer’s block and How to publish one’s book.
The team has worked to make the PDF of this workshop available for all because we believe it’s going to be of great help.
Download here 3 Days Writers’ Workshop and share with someone who may need it.
You can reach us via mail Wittywritersworld@gmail.com or WhatsApp 08129885198.

3 thoughts on “3 Days Writers’ Workshop”

  1. Thanks so much Witty Writers World for this wonderful opportunity you gave me to learn something new and amazing as it concerns writing. God will lead you to a greater height in Jesus name. Amen,not forgetting my school bunky then,Okwuchi Praise. Thanks for letting me know about this workshop.

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