Peace is something we all seek
When we lack it, we feel weak
Since it is rooted deep inside
With our peace, we are closely tied

Peace is something you can’t buy
It’s not a trip to Dubai
You neither won’t catch it from the sky
Cos it’s far from the reach of a fly

Something about it is truly sublime
It gives even sweetness to a lime…
It does not follow distance nor time

Peace is not in Lagos nor London
Peace is not in a storey building
Not even in a Cambridge schooling

Peace is something we mutually share
For it is just and always fair
When we find it, peace is sweet
It shall make us live in bliss

A loved one can’t guarantee you peace
It is from the inside
Peace is not given by the actions of men..
Peace is the primary thing we need

Only God giveth lasting peace
“My peace I give you not as the world giveth”
Preach peace and follow all men with it




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