About us

Witty Writers’ World is an NGO (officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission) borne out of the desire to encourage everyone who has embraced or wishes to embrace the art and act of making him/herself heard through any creative means.


Welcome to Witty Writers’ World where everyone has a unique voice and style, where originality and creativity are highly appreciated. We are interested in encouraging all creative writers across the globe to make themselves get read by a large community of readers all over the planet through all the available social media platforms we operate. You never can tell who your works are inspiring. The joy of writing is having people who can read and appreciate them.


For this reason, Witty Writers’ World wishes to give a louder voice to the pen of every writer who desires and is passionate about imparting the world of young people (youths and teenagers) through articles, short and educative stories, poetries of any form, original quotes and inspirational/motivational write-ups.

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