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Here, you can hone your art, own your act and make positive impact in a creative way.

Welcome to Witty Writers’ World where everyone has a unique voice and style, where originality and creativity are highly appreciated. We are interested in encouraging all creative persons across the globe to make themselves heard by a large community of people all over the planet through all the available social media platforms we operate. You never can tell who your works are inspiring. The joy of creating a creative content is having people who can see and appreciate them.

Our Mission - We are committed to:

“Training budding writers to be the best of their kind, hone their art and maximize the power of their pen. ”

“ Organising seminars, workshops and conferences online and offline geared towards adding values to every creative mind.”

“Creating a platform for writers and creative artists to showcase their works. ”

“Public speaking at available slots with the aim of affecting lives positively in a creative way.”

“Creating a platform where mentors and mentees can be linked up for mutual aid in any matter relating to creative writing. ”

Vision Statement

To build a generation of writers who are passionately intentional about positively influencing the world of young people (youths and teenagers) through every creative means.

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Vision Statement

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