Hustle and bustle of man mostly

emerges to be hazardous to her.

Activities meant to ease living

leading to dwindling of the health of her.

“Tell him to consider me in his ways;

Help teach her to treat me with grace”.

Earth cries out always.

World needs healing so obviously;

Our thinking may be “we didn’t cause this”;

Rethinking would help us realise our lapses

leading to conscious actions for WORLD’S HEALING.

Doubts thrown out, world needs healing.


How powerful is the strength of corruption;

Everyday, prisons open up for innocent ones;

Apparently, the best jobs are for the rich;

Loudly we cry; heal our world.

The leaders to look up to, are criminals in disguise;

Honorables are the most horrible species we have;

Evidently now, we are vulnerable to any flu.

What we need is one man! Who is;

Obviously ready to fight for justice,

Ready to lay down his life for freedom;

Loudly ready to swim into life’s ocean,

Daring only to save our drowning world.

© Moremi

How else can we be saved from this ravaging bug?

Endangered specie is what we are now

Albeit little, yet lethal and a threat to humanity

Letting the lave live in its phobia

Our borders locked, every openings shut

Ubiquitous, an unseen force which only manifests after its ingression

Rendering us despondent nevertheless, we pray for a miracle

Wailings and anguish beclouds the sky

Oh, indeed the day has turned to night

Reaching out to loved ones seeking solace is not an option for fear of being infected

Lo! we have been purged, healed of our infirmities

Drowned are the bugs who almost wiped out our existence

© Ayomide Tugbobo


Hell like never before is what

befall the world in short words. 

Experience from sickness and

illness is as painful as living

in hell.

Ailment erupts almost all

living tissue to the core.

“Liberation come” is the

song of all living organisms.

The world is enslaved by pandemic;

so hostile; call it epidemic.

Health is wealth; here

comes a need for healing.

Experimenting all things in

order to provide a cure.

Waters, rivers, forests; all walked

through in search for a cure to

heal the world.

Order of the season is to

save the world.

Revival the dying souls by

showing some love.

Lord Jesus Christ is the sole cure

the world had not truly secured.

Deliver the world today by

administering Jesus to someone.

© Pope-Chris.

Horde, sometimes feels pains when

Errant becomes their watchword and

Await the next cause of action which

Leads to unfathomable experience.

The world are looking up to you as the 

Heir who can heal their pains and 

Escape their sorrow because you have the access to the 

Water that heals and gives peace.

On your hand is the world

Reposing their confident in you.

Liege theorist (God) will help you and 

Detect the heal to the world.

© Daniel Solola 

Help us oh lord! 

Earth needs your healing powers, 

As anguish and distress is on the rise; 

Let your peace reign again in our land.

The doctors are doing all they can but

Human powers have failed. 

Even sporting events are done behind closed doors.

We’ve gone even beyond waters praying

Our world will be healed.

Return the losses of this year. 

Live with us and 

Deliver us Lord! 

© Instinctive

Hold your head with both hands…. 

Embellish your mouth with golden words of praise.

As the stars, a night lamps in Yaremi’s room.

Lean on whom is worthy of trust,  

To tag antidote to the poisoned heart of clan

Handle with ease, the shrieking brain to silence.

Endeavour to end the race of ailments.

Win to be but a balm to the hoarse bulge.

Oil the rusty eyes of slew to vigorous action. 

Roll the fractured bones with bandage of mirth.

Lodge the earth in the pool of conformity as,

Deacons baptize the wretched heads and maidens, jar.

© βαπur

Here we are, tangled in chains,

Ears stretched out from donning masks;

And everywhere the dead are like sand grains.

Languishing, our hearts are, in suffering.

The beauty around is ersatz, blurred; and our

Hearts and eyes plead silently for saving.

Encased in chains, we watch misfortune like a sequence;

World Wars, pandemics, tragedies in series!

Old Earth is sick and she pleads for subsidence.

Ready at the fore are the doctors and nurses,

Leading the line to heal the world, to save us from

Deaths, sicknesses and viral curses.


Above is a writing prompt on the topic “Heal The World” using a type o poem called Acrostic.

Acrostic is a poem pattern in which the first letter of each line would form a word when put together.

Example using the word MEMORIES, by the time I’m done with the poem, the first letter of each line must form something like this 👇 👇

First letter of each line forms










 M ercy, my favorite hated childhood love.

 E verything about her was just too imperfectly good.

 M akinde was my best friend and rival

 O f all the guys in my hood.

 R eminiscing on how he would gently bully me 

 I n front of my said hated lover stings me like a bee.

 E ndless love I had for Mercy but

 S hame on me, Mercy wasn’t merciful to me – what a love!

© Witty_Pen

How do you find this? Interesting, right?

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