He found me
Written by Benedicta Agagbo

Fighting endlessly…sword meet sword in anger
Blows meet blows consistently
Over powering the force that pushes beyond strength
Pushing and forcing consistently a door that refused to open…shouting and screaming, fighting deep in fear…heart griped and held captive in fear that had infected the mind.

Mind sick and infected with hopelessness
But hand and face carrying the courage that had been defeated from the inner walls of the mind and the heart.

The mind has lost the battle
The heart has failed in the war, the hands and the face are still fighting lost battles.

I fought and I fought…my eyes dimmed in darkness as my adversary forces blows upon blows into my ribs…blows into my stomach
Straight to my heart he trotted ruthlessly and pitilessly .

I became powerless …My heart gave up the fight
My mind falls helpless…surrendering totally to the blows that kept punching my unprotected heart.

Then my mouth spoke…help …Lord help
And then …like a flash of light a force greater and stronger than me and my adversary …he came and removed my adversary from the position of oppression. He pulled him out and and threw him away, and he picked me up from my dilapidated state.

And he washed me clean; he lifted me from a miry clay and placed my foot upon a solid rock.

I’m glad he found me
I’m glad he saved me
And I realised that I cannot fight the battle of life without the help of my source.
No matter the sword I use, and the weapons I fight with
All I need is my saviour…I’m so glad he saved me…He found me.

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