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I am a woMAN
By Olasupo D.Olufunmi

From the droplings of my hair to the wiseness in my brain
I am a woman
Feel the softness of my heart and the ruggedness of my palms
Call me a woman
I will stand by the man I love, not only under the romance from the moonlight
But, also when the sun scourges his skin,our skins,i will be there,with him
For i am his woman
I am, the wonder version of a man

Feel the spray from our sweats, as we strap life’s uncertainties to our backs
Touch the veins in our necks, as we scream, roar against the vapours of fate
We, together
He is a man, and i am his woMAN
We are not only together in love, we are also joined even in loss
Our efforts are enough because, they are joined
While he burns, I rekindle
And the ashes, our results
I am a woman, his better version

So, from the blood I shed, to the blood i give
I am a woMAN
from the love i get, to the love I share
Call me a woMAN
See the house I build, and the home I keep
You know, I am a woMAN
And the man I adore, care for, and work with
I am a woMAN
The wondrous version of the man.

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