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The cursing lips
By Royal Duraku 

I am the lips that curse
Yes I am!
You can call me whatever you want, but I would speak
Yes I would curse, because of the pain;
Pain I had felt as a child and pain I feel as a woman
You can call me the cursing lips.

Giving away into marriage at a tender age
Sold by the people I thought loved me.
Succumbed to the things my body couldn’t carry
Call me the cursing lips.

Shattered dreams and everyday torment.
Beaten daily by the man who now owns me, Abandoned by the people who had brought me to this world, wishing I was never born to start with
Yes call me the cursing lips.

At age sixteen, a mother already.
A baby taking care of a baby, forced into motherhood without my wish.
Now tell me why !!!
Why won’t I curse the life I have?
Because as days go by,
I live in a pain
that would never wash away
Yes you can still call me
“the cursing lips”, That never wished to be.

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