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Look beyond
Written by Omobolanle Adeyemo 

Dear young ones, I have a few things to tell you even as you prepare yourself for marriage…

Look beyond your wedding day.
Look beyond the matching and exquisite outfits you’ll wear on your day.

Look beyond the many Congratulatory messages you’ll get.
Look beyond the social media hype and viral influence (shares and likes) your day would gather.

Look beyond the hypocritical pedestal you’ll now be placed on.
Look beyond your years of being single and lonely and how desperate you want to be married.

What kind of man or woman are you getting married to?
Can your partner offer something more than just the basics; food, good sex, date nights, money?

Does (s)he spur you to achieve something bigger?
Does (s)he support your dreams?
Do your core fundamental values align?
Are you genuinely happy about this person?
Do you have similar religious views?

Think of your children. What kind of parent would your child have? Are you happy your child would have a father or mother as such?
Would you be happy able to see traits of this person in your child?

Think long term. Think of that moment when everyone is gone home and you’re left alone with your partner. Think of months ahead. Think of the years ahead,

Give your mind deliberately into long-term thinking. Look beyond the present to have a clear picture of the future because this is what Marriage is really all about. It is all about what you both are meant to achieve together… Purpose.

~ Omoby, 2018

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