Let’s have a talk 002.


The noise was deafening and beginning to overshadow the melodies coming of my favourite gospel artiste Mr Travis. Can’t these little beings allow an adult work in peace at least?. Noting little or no response to all my shouting from the bathroom, I just had to interfere – it was necessary.

So it was the case of the younger using demeaning words and exchanging slaps with his older sister. The issue was that this little boy called his big sis names that was in no way acceptable in this godly setting they were bred. That noted, I attempted to lead these parties to a reasonable reconciliation by having the younger apologise. However, That didn’t go well because this little chap began to face me for which he earned my rod- nothing serious actually, just some age appropriate slaps.

Of course, He started crying and was angry. I on the other hand, almost felt bad because of what the other lady who wasn’t even anywhere the scene thought of this discipline I meted to have this chap understand authority despite my initial intention to reason along with him. At those words of hers,  I found myself in the world of parenthood seeing in 3D what goes through their minds(most likely) when they discipline their children.

So I figured one of the numerous reasons why a youth somewhere is probably mad at his/her parents. We may prefer the kind of discipline our friends got but Truth remains that no two parents are the same. You may chose to classify one as tush and the other razz but there is a need to appreciate the fact that parents best understand the reasons why they take some steps. For every form of their disciplines, they have an objective in mind – to correct and to lead their child rightly so they can eat sweet fruits of adulthood in the not-too-far future.

Oh,  one thing you should know as well is that in their hearts of hearts ,as in a suspense movie, they pray and hope you’ll get the message – Not of hate, but of love. They hope also , with that understanding,that somehow you’ll always find your way back to their arms as quickly as this little chap did with me.

At this juncture,  I must say, like my friend
‘Ignore the medium, get the message’

Cheers to a better you!

James Titilope 

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