Written by El Ifelola 

      Men are created & wired by nature to give 3 ‘P’ s to a woman.

P – to Provide (house, money, food, clothing, etc). 

P – to Profess (love, romance, affection, appreciation etc).

P – to Protect (strong arms around her from danger & people).

° When a man approaches a woman, & she is super rich(the man cannot provide, as he now has little or nothing to offer her)

  ° When a man approaches a woman who is a social attraction(he has little or nothing to offer as she is being showered with love here & there)

° When a man approaches a woman & she is because of her fame & riches surrounded by body guards, the man has nothing to offer.

             So you see, it’s hard for the natural ego of a man to flow with a woman who has filled every void of a man in her life. A woman who is indirectly saying…

      “Move along dude, I got myself covered”

    It is hard for any man not to be intimidated by the glory of such a woman.

    As we live in a weak & blinded society, mentally weak men in turn try as much as possible to break the wings of the woman in their lives so that they don’t fly, see the world for themselves & grow “wild”.

               It’s not that these men don’t love you because you are very successful, it’s just that your success, affluence & fame has become THE OTHER MAN they now have to compete with. Hence they try to fight this “man” off, or prevent you from meeting “him” by caging you.

            So if you are a successful woman & you want a man in your life, as no other human can tell where the shoe hurts you, only you can, ensure that you give the man who approaches you the body & psychological languages that let’s him know that the “door” is opened. This is very important because men don’t talk unlike women, they simply observe & craft their conclusions & quietly withdraw from the successful woman who unknown to them actually NEEDS a man in her life.

             To rationalize this, I’d say that you should DATE your class. The issue of ego won’t be a problem if you are dating your class. Obama won’t have insecurities or develop jealousy if he sees Michelle getting a firm handshake with Bill Clinton. They are on the same pedestal. Dangote won’t flinch if his wife exchanges warm pleasantries with Otedola. They can clash & end up with equal scores.

            I will melt if I go on a date with a big woman, a PhD holder & she gives this huge business mogul a firm hug lasting about 10 seconds.
   Why? I am scared he could snatch her because I don’t have what he has & if she should decide to leave me, there is nothing to hold her down. It’s not about love here, love cannot keep everything. Love is not enough reason for an individual to want to commit their entire lives to you.

     Love is not enough because love is just the container, the pot in which all other ingredients must come into if you must come up with an aromatic “happily ever after” delicacy.

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  1. The men should also try to develop their selves rather than seeing a woman who is successful or has the tendency of being successful as a threat….. Beautiful piece though

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