Comfort zone

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Comfort zone.

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What comes to mind when comfort zone is mentioned? A place that supports growth, something that makes you feel at home, something that makes you feel relaxed or enables you to cope, somewhere that makes you psychologically, physically, spiritually unstressed, etc.

The comfort zone isn’t always as good as defined above. It’s been known to serve as an hindrance to excellence, destinies and achievements as it can make one believe one is already in the best place he can be. The comfort zone may even look like the real picture of one’s desired destination but it isn’t. Its a caricature of where one should be. A bribe to make one forget where he’s heading to.

Your comfort zone may be your parents’ love, studying a course of your choice or even having a well paying job. All these are good but can also blindfold one not to see beyond his present state, believing he’s already in the best place he can be.
An example is Joseph. When we read the story of Joseph, all we see is probably betrayal and injustice towards a lad who was enjoying his comfort zone. Jacob’s love for Joseph was a comfort zone for him. But he wasn’t just destined to be the beloved of his father but to save the world during a great famine that was to be witnessed. God had to use his brothers to take him out of his comfort zone. All through his journey to the throne, he got into comfort zones to distract him. From potiphars house even to the prison. He never knew God had being the prime Minister in view for him.
In our contemporary world today, a lot of successful people have at one time or the other gotten out of their comfort zones to fulfill their missions. Some had left well paying jobs to start businesses, whose success they weren’t certain of. Some had left their beautiful and developed country to fulfill a mission in less developed countries. Some had to quit school to birth an invention. Examples are Bill Gates, Mary Slessor, Warren Buffet and a host of others.

As a youth, what you want is probably at the other side of your comfort zone. It would probably require you taking a risk or going through some hard times to get there. Take that bold step, move out of your comfort zone and boldly walk through the unpleasant huddles and barricades to reach your goal. Don’t be scared of paying the price for greatness even if it means coming out of what gives you total comfort. At the end of it all, you will be glad you did.

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