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Welcome to Witty Writers’ World where everyone has a unique voice and style, where originality and creativity are highly appreciated. We are interested in encouraging all creative writers across the globe to make themselves get read by a large community of readers all over the planet through all the available social media platforms we operate. You never can tell who your works are inspiring. The joy of writing is having people who can read and appreciate them. For this reason, Witty Writers’ World wishes to give a louder voice to the pen of every writer who desires and is passionate about imparting the world of young people (youths and teenagers) through articles, short and educative stories, poetries of any form, original quotes and inspirational/motivational write-ups.

How do you fit in as a writer? It is simple. We have different aspects where everyone can fit in as a writer.

1. MORNING COFFEE WITH WITTY WRITERS: this is designed with the aim of allowing as many as possible to share some concise but meaningful write-ups with us and we make it go viral via all our social media platforms. Its aim is basically to create a good sense of judgment, to inform, to motivate, to inspire and to educate in just few words. You may share any entry you have at any time convenient for you but we post them only on Mondays and Fridays. You can find samples of this on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/wittywritersworld .

2. LET US HAVE A TALK series: here, we have articles and write-ups that basically address things that are particular to the youths and teenagers cutting across family issues, relationships, career, youthful passion and desires, self-esteem, vices of the society we live in, academics and so on. This has to be done in a creative way, not too long but captivating, informative and educative. You can make entries for this any day, any time.

3. POETRY: all forms of poems are accepted including spoken word poetry. Your spoken word poetry video can be shared with all to see. Originality is key and creativity is encouraged. You can make entries for this any day, any time.

4. SHORT STORIES/ FICTIONS AND NON-FICTIONS: Any short story having the world of youths and teenagers in view is welcome. If it is a long one, it can come in series or episodes. Don’t forget our audience is mainly the youths and teenagers.

5. VIDEOS: we have a space for everyone who would like to share a video accompanied with few texts with the aim of informing, motivating, instructing, educating or inspiring others.

6. OTHERS: Every other articles or write-ups that don’t fall into the ones stated above come in here. This could be on random topics such as Overcoming writers block.

You can see samples for aspects 2 to 5 on https://blog.wittywritersworld.com .

N: B. – all writings are subjected to modifications/adjustments if necessary to fit the purpose and aim of Witty Writers’ World. Rest assured that we are going to edit your work and make it error free.

What do you do if interested in any of the aspects highlighted above? Kindly send the following to us on WhatsApp (+234 8129885198) or to wittywritersworld@gmail.com :
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