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Story title : The temptation I almost fell for

I met Sandra while I was observing the 21 days on camp during my NYSC year. She was everything I was looking for in a lady. “Oh, the Lord just sent a blessing my way” I had thought in my mind. Her eyes were so tempting and her shape was just like that of a beautifully fashioned bottle of coke.

Fortunately, she happened to be in my platoon; platoon 5. I felt my dream of having her as my sweetheart was about to come through the day she approached me and complimented me after winning a 500-meter race for our platoon. You could imagine the joy I got from the hug she gave.


Life with twist and turns, beauty like no other I deceived myself. I would give her my meal tickets and be her shade during d parade, no one is like  her, that was the gospel I told myself.

All she did was smile and smile. She knew her games and played it wisely, turning me like the pages of a book. Love is as blind as a bat.

But the attention from her didn’t last long. Things went back to how they were and I was once again invisible to her but she was visible to me, so visible I was losing my own self.

All day and night I could not take my mind off her. I had mastered her routine from morning parade to evening parade   but still was not satisfied. I needed her to see me just the way I saw her.

Eventually, luck smile at me, and soon, she began to look at my direction. At first, I thought I was in a dream, but after a while, I discovered it was truly Sandra who’s right in front of me this night. I was just as happy as I could be!
“Sincerely, I don’t know how to say this”, she said. I thought she wanted to ask me out, not knowing she was ready to kill me with the words on her lips, which read ” I’m sorry, but going into any relationship with  you, is really awkward. I love and respect our relationship “. Those words pierced my heart, and I tell you, my eyes aren’t even empty, from the tears that flooded them last night.


Just like a TGV albeit in the reverse, the totality of the fragrance of love that had encapsulated my heart dowsed. I was left only with thoughts of what could be the great impediments that made her drop the Kiroshima bomb on me.

All through the night, I could count the number of steps taken by the soldiers on duty as sleep made my inhabitation desolate. “What can be done?” was the sole question that popped through my brain as darkness paved way for dawn the following day.
#una reina

My heart skipped a bit when I heard a beep on my phone. It was a message from Sandra. She told me how much she appreciates my personality and she would to keep me as a friend close to her heart.

For joy, I leaped from my bed. I almost broke my bunk mate’s leg in the process (story for another day). What more could I have asked for? I replied her that I loved the idea of being a close friend.

We agreed to meet for a talk that night. The night went smoothly, better than I expected. She was becoming more interested in the conversation then myself. It was like the tables turned and she was the one crazy about me but something was not right.

A few hours ago she hesitated to come out with me and all of a sudden she is acting like cupid struck her.

It was the grand finale of inter-platoon sports competition. I happened to have been disqualified from the race due to the fact that after the hit, my platoon took the 7th position. Being a member of the Nigerian Red Cross, I officiated during the finals. “On your track!  get set! go!” was the command that was given by the starter, here comes “queen of the track” she was as fast as hare, my mind was off the first aid kit I was carrying but my attention was focused on her.

Then it happened that she went out of breath and collapsed after running the last bend of the track. She was heading towards the finish line but was couldn’t  finish up the race. “Crossers! Crossers! Crossers! there is an emergency”. At that moment I ran like a mad lion, just to come to the rescue of the love of my heart. After trying recovery position the last option I chosed was to give her CPR – kiss of life.

Fast forward to few weeks after camp, our friendship had grown so well. So, a day came, I summoned up all the courage that I could and walked up to her. I asked her how she planned on spending her evening and asked her if she would want to go to a restaurant  with me.

She agreed, rather hesitantly, but I was overjoyed that I could finally tell her how I felt about her. She showed up that night as planned in an outfit she never could have looked better in. I, also, had dressed subject to the advice from my best friend who we all called *The Fashion Lord*. We walked silently to the Restaurant and I drew her chair for her to sit. I, ordered for some things and she did the same.

As we sat in the restaurant, situated right by the sea, all I could hear was the sound of the waves playing sonorously to her name in my heart… ‘Sandra… Sandra’ my heart was still yelling her name.
Then, came the waitress, trying to fix up our table with our requested menu, lost control of the serviettes. Sandra bent to help her out. And behold, heavenly cleavages, shining like they had just been anointed. I wanted to speak in other tongues. I held it.

Then, she took my hands in hers, looked at me straight in the eye, I was lost in the world our locked stare had built. She said… ‘ I thought about what you said, do you mind walking me to the ladies’?  What!!! She didn’t just say that!

For few seconds, I was in awe and so many videos had played in my head. I forgot all the memory verses I’ve learnt while growing up as a church boy. I couldn’t even remember the last message our fellowship papa preached the previous Sunday. I sat still like a silhouette watching her as she moved her body with all awesomeness and walked gorgeously into the ladies. She tilted her head a little bit backward to give me a wink and bit her lips as she closed the door.

For a moment, I could feel my blood running through my veins like it was going to flow out through my mouth. I’ve never been so completely swept off my feet. I stood and took 3 steps advancing quietly towards the door. Then ‘beep beep’, a message from Brother Chris. He’s been disturbing me lately about being careful of Sandra. His message read “Be careful so you don’t fall into the sneer of the devil”. How I found myself in the next cab to Bro. Chris’ house still remains a mystery till today.

The end!

Participants :
Olabayo Joshua Awodirepo (Witty_pen)
Adebola F. Akinlawon (Una Reina)
Olufunmi D. Olasupo (Olufunmi)
Olatunmise Steve Jegede (Steve)
Dara Samuel (Dara)
Lois Ei-kojonwa Ugbede (Kojo)
Mercy Damilola (Dah-me-law-lah)
Joshua Otenaike (Bee)

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