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Trying to fit in?
Written by Rare_Gem


The bell had just gone off, “Closing time” shouted the time keeper.

The SS2 students were all excited, not because school was over but because the weekend had just started and one of the “big girls” in the class had invited them all to a party, all, except Sarah.

Sarah sat gloomily on her seat, wondering why she wasn’t invited. She mustered up courage and walked up to Tonia, the host of the party.
“Hi Tonia, I didn’t get an IV to your party” said Sarah. “Oh sorry about that but you can’t get one” Tonia replied looking away. “But why? Am I not also an SS2 student?” asked Sarah. Tonia replied with a very haughty look on her face “Yes, but you are not one of us”. Looking sad and confused, Sarah said “I don’t understand”. But before she would say anything more, Tonia interrupted her “You are odd, you are not like us, I don’t know how to put it… you don’t fit into our circle”. Sarah was so sad to say the least but she wasn’t going to give up like that. So, she asked with a look showing she was ready to pay the price “Okay, what do I need to do to fit in?” Hmmm… You don’t want to know what the price was.

You see, so many of us are like Sarah. At one point or the other, we ask ourselves what we need to do in order to fit into circles that contradict our stand, belief, principle e.t.c.  We just want to be accepted by all.

Of a truth, standing outside the circle especially when you are alone, is not only difficult but frustrating. Everyone gets noticed except you. Others may get extra cash while you don’t get any, they get accolades but you don’t, they maneuver their ways and compromise just to attain some heights yet we seem to be behind just because we choose to uphold the right standard.

Hmmm… Let me leave you with these questions…
What is the nature of the price you are willing to pay in order to fit in? What does fitting in mean to you? How many times have you altered your beliefs, principles or lifestyle in order to be accepted? Are you brave enough to stand rejection from friends and family just for the truth? Does your life thrive on acceptance? What price is attached to the prize you desire to get? Is it of a good and honest report? Or, why try fitting in when you can actually stand out? Think on all these things.


3 thoughts on “TRYING TO FIT IN?”

  1. Life pushes you too hard you can't just bare to ignore paying the price and fitting in but that don't change the fact up there, it's never worth it. Your principles, beliefs and traits make up the person you're and the unique human you.

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