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A Life Builder
By Benedicta Agagbo 

In my womb I carry life for nine solid months, feeling them breath and play in the football field of my large womb.

My body changes and my beautiful nose become swollen while my feet refuse to enter my shoes. I smell food from a distance and the urge to beg from a stranger consumes me.

Yes I am a life builder, I carry life within me despite the unbearable pains of labour for days I bear it expecting to see the faces of my babies, my boy and my girl…yes my Prince and princess.

I am a life builder, the life of my children is a project. I suffer in hard labour to make sure they have food to eat, I labour in the market selling my tomatoes and pepper under the scorching and violent sun, even in the heavy rain just to make ends meet.

I am a life builder…the success of my children is my obsession, the love I have for my them make me press forward to provide their  needs despite the obstacles I face daily.

Love for them is my daily drive.
l pray for their success and I know my maker hears my daily cry.

I am a mother, I’m a life builder…I build my king’s life, I build my children’s life…although my back hurts sometimes, and although my knees have bruises.

I am nothing but a life builder…that is my aim and purpose,  to build the life of my husband and my children.
I am a life builder.

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