Christmas anthology


Others see Xmas, I see Christmas
because Christ is the only reason
for this special season.
Others see it as a time to party,
I see it as a time to praise.
Others see it as a time
to place extravagant price on products,
I see it as the reason for human redemption.
Christmas signifies peace and joy to the world.
It signifies salvation and freedom.
It signifies humility — the king of kings came to
the world in human form.
Remove ‘Christ’ and there won’t be Christmas.
Christ is the reason for Christmas.
© Alade Jesudamilola

If everyone truly knew this season,
none would heist another’s for good living
and dignity ‘ll be not soiled to be merry.
If all truly celebrates this season
then all our hearts will be all forgiving
and our essence so set to say sorry.
If every season remains this season,
perhaps children will smile without ceasing
and the poor will not toil on empty belly.
If Christ be the purpose for this season
and utter love being Christ’s greatest reason,
then none will waste whilst others feed barely.
© AwesomeChris
Parte after Parte after Parte…
The dance goes on with so much fun,
that’s how Ade smoked out his life,
without knowing the giver life.
In ignorance we celebrate without the celebrant,
in blindness we walk into our death mass,
all in the name of celebrating Christmas.
How do we define love
when we don’t have the Lover?
That’s how you can’t celebrate Christmas,
without Jesus the Celebrant.
© Praise Okwuchi


I met the man who truly loves me.
He’s so dear and witty,
a great blessing to all Nation,
Christ my lord my love.
On this day He was born,
the one whose love I so much long for.
The whole city speaks of his birth,
today is our Christ’s mass.
I will paint the whole city
gold to royalty,
red to adore
and green will I never abhor.
Silver or gold I have not,
money or clothes I’m short of,
but my pen will always bleed
to proclaim your wondrous love.
© Oluwayimikakiri


We actually don’t know the day
whether 25th 32nd or 43rd of December.
All we have is an idea of the day
It was a cold and snowy day to remember.
But we say we do all to the Lord,
we celebrate ‘cos it’s attached to the Lord.
We jubilate ‘cos it’s believed
to be the day of the Lord.
So, all we do is UNTO the Lord.
Remembering who he was on earth,
the love he shared, his lowly birth,
the life he lived and devil found no dirt,
his words and action all with no regret.
So I mimic his ways,
I imbibe his willfulness to help us while dismayed.
I copy his doggedness to please Father in all ways
as I celebrate my Christmas today!


The twisting festival wave;
in the crisp autumn air,
in high sunrise from hilltop,
harmattan, fogs and dust,
wear in gyrating outfit.
Shining path through the moon;
in light dancing crimson,
as Chris’ masses warm the ash pit,
pinching in alcoholics, womanize and chintzy;
with fake smiles to make lives.
The mingle in the reddish flowers;
drop the lively idea from the rocky IQ,
addressing Christmas flaws,
in transforming memory,
amidst the thick smoke spiral. 
As the radiant notion sparks,
it absconds into the light sky,
blazing down the Christmas veil,
unfolding it in giving and selfless service,
with the painting path to tender loved ones.
© Israel Eze (Equity)

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