During his reign, Bashorun Gaha was a ruthless and tyrannical person..His name ‘Gaha’ is sometimes pronounced as ‘Gaa’.

Bashorun Gaha personally installed 4 kings and killed them, just to show his might. When Bashorun Gaa installed Labisi as king, the man didn’t even finish his installation rites before Gaha caused his death. Just 17 days into the initiation rites, Gaha killed him!

He appointed the next king immediately, Alaafin Oduboye. After Oduboye became king, Gaha demanded that the king prostrate to him. Just because Oduboye refused, saying it’s never done, Gaha killed him just 130 days after he ascended the throne!

Bashorun Gaha rose to power at a time Oyo was in dire need for a new leader. Having eliminated the right heir, he usurped power and made himself both the King maker and King Destroyer. Gaha was generally known for the use of “charms” towards treacherous ends. Amongst his numerous voodoo weapons was the black magic that helps him to transform into a Leopard, Elephant or any dreaded animal to kill people. His sons were equally as evil as him.

His last evil act that broke the camel’s back was how he murdered Agboin, daughter of Alaafin Adegoolu. The poor princess was pounded alive until she became pulp.
It was the Aare-ona-Kakanfo at the time was (Aare Oyabi), under the command of Alaafin Adegoolu brought end to the reign of Gaha.

On one fateful day his house came under heavy bombardment of under the attack of Aare Oyabi. He and his army unleashed terror on Bashorun Gaha’s household, ransacked and set his house ablaze while he was brought outside his house and tied to a tree outside his house.. Aare Oyabi, then said to the people “If this man has done any evil to you or any of your family member, come and take revenge by cutting a piece of his flesh off and throw the body piece into a burning fire in front of him so that he can smell his flesh burning “and then he was killed.
All of Gaha’s children were killed. To ensure Gaha does not have any family lineage at all, the Alaafin ordered the killing of all his grand children too, even the toddlers. And finally, any pregnant woman carrying Gaja’s blood was disemboweled, before Gaha himself was killed.

Due to this event, an adage was coined in Yoruba land that is being used up till today. it goes thus :
“Bi o l’aya osika, bi o ri iku Gaha, o yio so otito”. if you have the heart of a cruel man, take note of Gaha’s death and be true.


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