Don’t mock me
Written by: Benedicta Agagbo.


Tracing the lines…and thinking about the roads I have passed and the people I have met, I realise that the race is not for the swift neither is the fight for the strong. But it’s for them that find mercy.

Life’s race begins the day we are born and ends the day we die.

The picture of the overall existence of man becomes clearer when we realise that we are here for a purpose.
A purpose bigger and stronger than us…we are here to fulfill a destiny which we don’t even know. We are all actors in this stage called life and we do not read the script given to us to act…
But have no choice than to act it any way…

My part of the whole piece of act differs from yours…my experience differs from yours…
My enemies differ greatly from yours…
And the solutions to my many troubles cannot exactly be yours.

Why do you hurt me with your words ? Why do you hurt me with your heart and your thoughts?
Why do you mock me as I am fighting my life’s battles while you have yours to fight?
Why do you forget the large boils in your bodies but worry and mock at the little rashes I am trying to clear out of my tired skin?

Why look at me and conclude the end of my life when you don’t even know the next minute of yours…?
I am a traveller…just like you… I am tired and thirsty looking for a drop of water whether dirty or clean, just to quench my heavy thirst.
Just like you….why do you mock me while your dirty travelling clothes are as tattered as mine…?
Why wink at my heavy burden tied tightly on my heart while yours is too large for your heart to bear and you have left some for your back to carry?
Mind your life and let me mind mine…fight your fight let me fight mine.
God has given us all a map to our various places of destiny.
Let me find mine while you work towards finding yours…
Don’t add your burdens to mine…Don’t make mine heavier for me to carry…
Instead let’s look for ways to make our lives better…and lighten our heavy burdens together.

If you can’t make my life better, it’s better you are not in my life to make my life worse. Don’t mock me!!!


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