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Written by James Titilope

With the knowledge that no two people are the same, you could be tempted to think that someone’s nature is better than yours. You may have even caught yourself wondering why you are not like this other person or able to do the things they do. Further still, these differences in areas of strength is in complete harmony with the difference in family background or upbringing.

That, I found out in a conversation with my colleague-A lady that could easily be seen as unserious because of her simple approach to work but who is actually a real grinder when it comes to work ethics at night hours ( the reason why she is relaxed during the day). Her lifestyle was the kind that if you copied, your fail will be epic. I needed to know the secret of her staying up late at night to study, how that she is perfectly fine with that routine while I was still trying to catch up since that was my only option now that my day is usually all booked.

After asking questions about her family, she mentioned how that her dad read late into the night and most times since he was up they too would be up doing same. That way they would lose count of time. So She has been night crawling since like forever but the reverse was the case for me. We were both products of our upbringing. Though, at that moment I had wishes. Yet I knew I could surely learn and I am.

Yes, traits and behaviours are picked from our parents but they are still changeable/adjustable .
So instead of feeling inferior about some traits you don’t have, know that You can always learn, unlearn and relearn. That’s why we are humans not robots. A Granny once told me ,’Even after you are born by your parents, you have to give birth to yourself’. Be responsible for who you become.

A noteworthy statement by Joyce Meyer:

‘Everything in your life is subject to change except God’

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