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With you but far away from you
Written by Olabayo Joshua Awodirepo

Sometimes, I wonder if technology is a benediction or a malediction to my generation. I wonder why technology often makes us far from those who are near but close to those who are far away. I can see couples of my generation sitting side by side for hours without having a nice discussion with each other because their heads are bent having their eyes fixed on the screen of their Smart phones with their fingers running very fast like they are trying to hack into a national security website.
They become deaf and dumb to each other but very active in talking with those who are on the other side of their smartphones thanks to all the available social media platforms.
As I sit to watch these young couples, I see one laughing out loud and the other not minding what makes his partner laugh as he is also engrossed with his mobile phone. Hmn! With you but far from you. This is the state of our state, the situation of my generation.
I see families of my generation where parents and their children in their luxurious sitting room (after the long busy day) have nothing to discuss as everything necessary has been said through all the available social media platforms during the day. So, instead of having a family discussion and some family time together, one gets busy chatting with friends, the other with the TV, another with video games and another with plugged ears listening to all manner of songs just to keep herself company. Hmmn!!! With you but far from you… This is the situation of my generation.
I just keep wondering why on earth will one’s love come visiting or they both go out on a date, or one is having a reunion with friends and still be online chatting all through the moment. Have we all become a deaf and dumb generation who can only listen with the eyes and talk with the fingers? Why do we remain by each other yet far from each other? Why are we often far from those who are near but close to those who are far?
Majority of us are guilty of this, allowing our phones take the place of communicating with the people around us.
Let’s consciously strive to be smart humans families, friends, couples and lovers who have time to be with one another and share some memorable moments together that would make them forget they even have a smartphone with them not to talk of a chat to reply. 
I hope for a better generation that understands how to spend time for everything.
What about you?

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