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Written by James Titilope 

With the course she chose to study in an institution such as that with a difficult entry, you would understand why she got the outrageous comments she did. Who opens their eyes to study such? When there are better and more prestigious courses to study like Medicine, Accounting, and Law etc? With the look of things too, it could be possible that she was just given the course to manage because she couldn’t get the one she initially registered for or better still she finally decided to make good use of the connection her mother had to get in. Who doesn’t know how it rolls in this part of the world? So they must have thought.  I know this because actions don’t lie, at least not for long.

Discouragements, of course, did not only pay her a visit but also took a residence with her. They wined and dined together while he rid her of possibilities that came looking for her. She wasn’t exactly comfortable with him around, but that was all she had anyway. The room was dark but going out as well wasn’t an option because of the many people in her clan ready to tear her with their words again. So she managed her half bread friend and till she was drained of the success cream she brought with her from her secondary school.

It’s not like there is a point anyway to expect anything more, this was her lot.
Life was just happening and she woke up as usual on her normal side of the bed for three years and was already counting some months till the end of the program. Not too long after her reluctant yawn, there is a fierce knock on her door. With its intensity it doesn’t look like it would go away anytime soon. Louder and louder it became with each passing moment. Irked, she walks to the door and she’s surprised to find her brother waiting.

With all the loving anger he could muster, he makes her understand how much of success she could achieve in whatever field of endeavor she chose.  How that she is a brilliant lady and must only succeed against all odds and the discouraging comments from her extended family. He shows her a whole new world of possibilities waiting for her best self to manifest. Oh, she was pissed at how much time she wasted because of those naysayers. It’s not like she owes them anything anyway and only she was really responsible for what she will become. That day she rose, kicked Discouragement out and took in the light of possibility once again. The rest they say is history made and still in progress.

At the point of giving up, her brother showed up as a support system she needed.
Who is your support? It doesn’t matter if the rest of your extended family or the rest of the world or any other party don’t support or believe in you, you just need one person in your immediate family or among your close friends to give you the force you need.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your parents; it could be your siblings. Allow yourself to be driven by their encouragements and be an encouragement to your siblings too. It goes a really long way especially when you have unsupportive parents because that is the most painful.

You can’t live entirely alone. You have to have some kind of support system
-Wendel Berry

Everybody needs somebody. We all need a support system.

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