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Time zone
Written by #Rare_Gem

“You are not early, you are not late”.
Your ex-colleague back in college has a well paying job, a dream marriage and is expecting her third child while you are yet to get a job that meets your basic needs. Your younger brother graduated at 21, works with a multinational firm and sits with the crème de la crème of the society while you are yet to gain admission into the university at age 27. The list goes on and on. I am not saying you shouldn’t strive to get better, no I am not but you should respect your time zone.

We have different time zone for different persons but comparison has blinded us to this fact.

Using the movie industry as an example, between the year 2000 and 2010, we had actors and actresses who were the rave of the moment but today we can hardly remember their names or faces.  They had their time zone to shine.
Its funny how we compare ourselves to those ahead of us but forget that there are tons of people behind us, who wish to be where we are.

Personally, I have ex-colleagues back in secondary school who gained admission into the university, graduated and served even before I did and there are some who got into the university years after I did and not to forget those who are yet to gain admission even as I rounded up my service year.

I have learnt to respect my time zone, as it helps me to stay cool in the face of pressure and to appreciate what I have and where I am at the  moment. Hope for the best but do not kill yourself and your dreams with unnecessary and dangerous comparison. Only if you know how many people wish they were you, maybe you wouldn’t want to lose yourself trying to be like someone else.

Trust God enough for the best even as you aim to attain greater heights. He makes all things beautiful at His own time. You are operating in your time zone.

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