Poems, Short Stories and Write-ups
Day 2


Dear heart, just a little longer;
it’s a phase you’re gonna remember,
’cause it has come to rekindle the ember,
and rewrite you a story everyone will remember.
The feet that walk a million miles,
sleep sound with beautiful smiles.
Don’t cry those precious tears.
Don’t ever blame your worst fears.
For the time is bound to change,
and for it to assuage,
yours always seeming endless pain,
that bounds you in its shackles of blame.
Dear heart, just a little longer,
for your Lord has promised something better,
not once will it be but twice,
and you shall towards the best rise.
© Ummulkhayr


Room to let, but not for sale.
It’s open for rent without payment,
come have a place in my closet.
Peace, joy, prosperity, favor, grace
are welcome here without payment.
My words are concrete though
without cement, ask Clement.
Knock, “Who is there?” I asked,
“I’m DEPRESSION, I’m in need
of a room,” she replied.
“No room for you, you are not
needed”, “My space is occupied,”
“You’re banished from here”; I replied.
Avoid depression ’cause it won’t give
you room for accurate perception.
Be motivated, be inspired!
© Pope-Chris.


Why should I drown in
my bitter tears when
I could bask in the sunshine of joy?
A depressed mind is a caged soul.
I would rather bloom with beauty than
wilt with hurt in the dark.
Depression has made many lives short and
I’m not ready to walk down that path.
There’s a lot I have to give and
so much change to be made.
Why then should I become a wreck?
Every fall should lead to the right steps,
not the next big fall; depression.
Depression is an enemy to anyone’s growth.
It uses our worst fears as haunting nightmares.
So, give it no room.
© Sempiternal Melody Phoenix(S.M.P)


I was born free, joyous and wild.
I knew no dull moments, never caught mild.
But all these changed on a Tuesday.
My Life as I knew was not to stay.

Tuesday it was, I been about my day’s ration
which centered round selling bread at the train station.
Then the unforseen happened, I fell on the tracks
and the train ran through leaving my legs in cracks.

Crippled, useless, wasted I had become.
Cried till my eyes dried yet the same outcome.
Suicide! A thought I could not help fathom,
but for my mum, I’d already succumb.

Christ saw me in despair and said not to stay there.
He lifted me telling me I could be repaired.
For while I might not have my legs again to play,
my legs are not my life so depression can’t stay

© W.I.C


What if you were never in existence?
What if I never had to tell your kind of poetry?
The one, instead of soothing the heart, cuts it apart.
The one, instead of bringing me Melody, brings me to custody,
finds me guilty of crimes I couldn’t dare commit,
and pressing malicious charges against me
because I let it.
Oh depression,
today, in aggression,
I put you in session of your section,
and I become immune to your concoction.
© Thobbie Gabriel


I sat down thinking of how my life is gradually falling apart. I used to be well off I said to myself, I used to be so happy and cheerful, I used to take delight in making people happy.
Why then am I allowing my current situation pierce into my soul, why am I allowing it take the better part of me?

No ! I said to myself I can’t be depressed, I refuse to fall into depression, I won’t be depressed.

What good will being depressed bring to me? Will it solve my problems? Will it make me what I really want to be?

© Sanni omobolade


Each day the sun rises in the East
portraying a gleam of blissful hope,
the serenity of a life like the morning dew,
depression buried to start the day anew.
Hands stretched into a dark deep chasm
remoulding the potter’s shattered clay.
Chaos murdered and unrest buried
Piloting the ship to a peaceful shore.

© Barnabas


Mindset caged,
free flow of thoughts;
different walls are easily erected.
Movement banned tie legs,
hustle hands chained with law.
Life too hard to cope,
seeming next sun won’t display hope.
One million boys scout,
bed ejects pleasant rest.
Peace had be raped,
men’s heart bitterly wipe.
Death is better than shame,
heaven, pick up the call.
This time will fade away from sea’s face,
clean water will serve us again.
Darkest moments is just before dawn.
© AfolaOluwa


We are tissues,
cursed upon blood soils
for things that matter,
for things that grey.
We are men,
with pepper soup in the vein
and cockroaches in our lungs
cursed upon blood that spoils
and death and anguish lay.
But we won’t lie with the dead
or be swallowed in dust,
or be fed with hungry palms,
or the melancholy of grave.
We won’t break the spell
or curse the hag
of depression,
but we will rise
above all possibilities
to set our feet
again, on the giant rock.


My heart skips more than it beats,
it pumps more fear than blood,
it rages more than it calms,
I am not fine but I can’t tell what problem it is.
Thoughts come too irrationally.
Just like in movies, I see myself strolling
not on the way to success
but on a first class ticket to suicide.
No money, no family, no friend and no woes,
life has continuously stripped me of all.
The only strength left is hitting death.
Just the usual thought about the word
I rearrange to mean – I pressed on –
Oh what a discovery!
I no longer have vacancy for depression
as I choose only to press on
for better days are ahead.
© Una Reina


The hurts I have to hide,
the pains I have to conceal,
cloaking the tears that fall like rain,
saying I’m fine when I’m anything but
I see my life engulfed by unending fears.
I raised a wall greater than Jericho’s
Pushing the whole world away;
dinning with my pains, hurts and tears.
I had only one thought in mind;
Why not end the agony?
So I decided to jump
from the top of the wall
or make friends with a knife.
But then, the wind came in its course
echoing a voice “Is it worth it?”
“Discomfiting your fears, sharing your pains
and drying your tears removes the cloak”.
“No need to hide from the world.
In fact, the world that gives you the pain,
hurt and fears, also gives you the victory”
© Ifeoluwa


Depression is mental oppression,
a deadly hidden message
provoked by self-hate.
It locks down its prisoners’ fate.
puts them in captivity,
destroying the key.
It jabs and stabs,
in search of life scar from bleed.
Destruction is its husband and death its wife.
It hits in absence of nowhere to run or hide.
It consumes the mind.
It breaks and
leaves human broken.
It fakes to be end road,
but it’s just a bend with a long road.
Shun and shut it out,
Or it shuts you down,
I advice you to:
“Give no room to depression”.


Hope and helplessness seem to be
the only sound of music we hear;
sad songs of depression.
It looks as if the sun has traveled to Plato
and Mars is ready to accept the stars and moon.
Though darkness grows darker,
our minds are steady on our faith
even when we don’t know out fate.
Yes, we keep hope alive,
we hold our inner peace to survive.
We dare to smile in the midst of our storms,
though we hear the drums of war breathing
death in the midst of the battle.
We face our fears.
We keep hope alive.
© Benedicta Agagbo


An indistinct call I heard,
wailing thunderous applause,
speaking of complex ways,
undefined as it waved.
A coaxing sound it poured on me,
blustering my thought
to fit-in without touching any knot.
It hollowed deep down my breath.
I shrugged, nodded in no affirmation
to be a deleterious victim.
I strained, awake from
the sleep of it; Depression.
Vowed to ignite myself
with nature’s impression.
© midun


I’ll not let you weigh me down,
I’ll not let you hold me back,
I say no to you – depression.
For I’ve nurtured my heart against you,
to be free from your fetters,
rendering you powerless over my heart.
Even at apex of bay,
I won’t display my pain,
For I now have freedom
over you – depression.
© Oluwayimikaakiri


Eyes with blurred vision
stuck in a cold heart, and
wrapped in a deferred hope
break the spirit and dry the bone.
A crushed self- esteem
being looked down on, written off,
concluded and dismissed
reduces one’s value and steals pride.
It pains, it hurts, it crushes,
it kills! it devalues!
But, withdrawal and midnight tears,
give no headway solution but destruction.
They say praise works the magic,
a grateful heart, a thankful spirit
does good like medicine.
Keep the attitude of gratitude.
© Jane Onojeta


An area that’s lower in topography,
an area that’s lower in air pressure,
a period of low morale in a being
so in depression “low” is assured.
Some synonyms of low says:
Insignificant and inferior to others,
miserable and spiritless through the day.
A learned being would know none is better.
Depression produces “low” in definition,
low produces pessimism in parity.
None drives forward for dream realization,
backwards or downwards is the reality.
Say no to depression
and elevation is definite.


Dug deep into the wells, and I got this to tell.
Life will give you so much scars to keep
and few chances of success stories to share
If you do not break out from its spell.
In life, too many prices paid and few prizes earned.
Sometimes light be scarce not even a beep
and thoughts fill your head till it being pained.
In all, get your rags together and count as gained.
At the altar, kneel and shed your tears.
With the pain, find your strength in the deep.
For cries hold no solution to life’s fears
rather, they bring you before your latter years.


she stings like a bee
before you let her out
clasps your lips shut.
This isn’t to be expressed,
she whispers with a torment.
everyday you swing with it,
but this isn’t like your childhood;
a kind that leaves you helpless,
stealing your best moments.
mother of them all,
as she tries to force herself in
with every strength and courage,
flush her down this passage.
Your heart deserves air,
broken bones to repair.
© Praise Okwuchi

Short Stories and Write-ups section


Embroidered with gifts, talents and abilities, determined to live a purposeful life, a very ambitious visionary was she; ready to ignite the world with her ambitions and abilities.
But fears remain her drawback; fear of being rejected by the society which led to her inability to express her feelings. Deeper and deeper, she sank into depression.
She was buried beneath the soul puncturing device _depression. Depression robbed her of her abilities and made her disabled. She wouldn’t have been able to achieve her goals, if not for God and people that came to her aid.
Depression is a tool for loosing purpose and essence, say no to depression.
© Eriikeoluwanimi


I am a house; a beautiful one having a number of rooms. Before going inside, let me show you a bit of the compound. The welcoming array of flowers oozes fragrances of love after you’ve entered through the gate of peace. Then there’s a swimming pool of hope at the backyard.
While the living room accommodates many, the rooms only a few- those who earn it, anyway. There’s however a control room supposed to be guarded jealously because it determines how the house is run. Sadly, Intruders get in here, alter normal house activities then leave. Some stay briefly, others longer. Mr Depression never leaves the house in good shape whenever he gets into the control room. Since Mr Disappointment grants Mr Depression access to the control room, I’m getting acquainted with how Disappointment knocks at my gate of peace. Hopefully this way there’ll be no more room for Depression.

© Oluwatomiwa


Dear friend,
How long will you sit on that wheelchair of depression, making it drive away your joy, depriving you of your right to be happy? How long will you allow yourself to be handicapped by depression? How long ?
Isn’t it high time you stopped being a slave to that known master of yours – Depression? How long will you allow yourself to be crippled down to that wheelchair of depression? Isn’t it time you stopped worshiping that master of yours – Depression?
How long? I ask dear friend..

©Ashade Grace (The pen🖋️🖋️)


The stuffs life throws at us sometimes can be so disheartening. The sorrows, hardships and failures can eat deep into our being that we feel surviving is impossible. This may lead to inability to visualize a happy future. It may lead to depression which is a period of unhappiness or low morale, it may last for several weeks and may include ideation of self inflicted injury or suicide.
One of the major ways to avoid depression is talking to people and creating your own happiness. Don’t handle your worries alone, talk to trusted friends or professionals about what is bothering you.
Do what you like most. Read interesting books, listen to music, see movies, go on a group trip, try a new hobby, eat foreign meals. Do whatever makes you happy, ’cause you need to be happy to survive in this sad world.
Give no room for depression.
Cheers to a happy life!

© Jesudamilola Lizzie


The earth was awakened to its peak in empathy for the impoverished 27-year old boy, Biola whose parent died long. Ever since then, Biola had been taking care of himself. Having got his degree at 22 and because he had vowed to strive for a living rather than acquiescing in any form of scandalous thugry as many less privileged boys do, he began to seek a job.
Biola couldn’t help fretting over his life. He wailed so much that his bulging eyes became dim like the star-lit night. His mind was savagely preoccupied with heinous thought of suicide.
No sooner had he started to hang himself than he received a call from a bank official who told him of a shares worth “Ten billion naira” bought by his deceased parents twenty years ago.
God! What if I have hanged myself out of frustration ?
© βαπur


What do we call depression? From what perspective of reasoning do we term depression? I know a man of negativity burdened by depression will someday commit suicide if not homicide. Depression despises man and subsequently ebbs man’s strength from going further in life.
I know of a story of a woman that was depressed and consequently killed herself and her husband with her two kids. You may wonder why all these premises without a conclusion. Well, don’t put the censure on me, I’m also in the shoes of depression.
I have failed in my God’s given capability of controlling any form of negativity. I’m weak… looking at death approaching to me. But my words of resuscitation are already buried in my own grave. In essence, depression brings no joy but anguish. And as such, wage a war against it when it comes near you.
Learn from my mistakes and give no room for depression.

© Atanda Clinton S.


At the mouth of Okun beach where the pacific argues daily with the coast, with the splash of the oceans following my footsteps across the sand to spout its philosophy across the wind, I look at my arms and shrugged my shoulders to dust off my depression which has grown winds within my troubled heart.
I’ve fallen to the pit of failure, every attempts within my fingers have kissed futility and every members of the family and friends have forsaken me to my doom. “He is cursed, He is cursed”, Everyone uttered!.
In my sad state, echoes from the sea waved the air of change, my storm suddenly rearranged on my tired landscape, a new wing suddenly sliced a new spring across the cliff of my head. I suddenly captured the new clause in the atmosphere: depression you’re not a god! And I gathered myself to try again.
©Israel Eze Chigozie


It’s said to be a psychiatry state of mind, producing a long term lowering of enjoyment. Depression is not a sign of illness, but a sign of mental disease.
Rather be happy and take off your worries… unhappiness kills your vibes and limits your capacity. Bring your morale and cheer up against menace of life.
Say no to Depression, it kills fast and disturbs your entire life. Face your problem with boldness that is not forever.

© Mykel Laurex


We were doing just fine, no room for depression!
From history, the world constantly revolves, but certain bad traits never dissolve. They take new forms as the evolve. They are “racism, poverty and betrayal”.
The rich oppress the poor, the poor betray the poor. The white oppress the black and vice-versa, the traits survive.
We were doing just very fine! But our leaders betrayed us this time. It’s Betrayal when “they neglect consultants to bring Chinese Student doctors”. They say “we need Chinese to fight Chinese virus”.
See how the figure rose within three days, and
the brothers outside are facing xenophobia. I’m not impressed, nor depressed, we are being oppressed.
When I watch the press, I say “we will still be fine”.

© Jigs Michael


Blessed is the memory of my grand father; the unschooled emeritus, unlettered sage. His indelible words reverbrate in my head every second of breath.
Fully aware I was too young to fathom those words yet he vomitted the gold mine to me. He would say; an unexamined life is not worth living, trials are the true test of life, your path may at times turn rocky, and adversity may pin you down, it may sometimes look like the whole world is against you, But never should you allow your spirit to be down!
“When life gets tough, get tougher my son”, When life puts you down, learn to find your feet again. If you fail a thousand times, learn to try a thousand and one time. You may have to endure darkness for quite a while in the tunnel, but with your spirit up, you will live to see the end which is Glowing with light.
My son, give no room for depression.

© ✍️Afoo

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