Better said than done,
words of tenacity could come. 
You might be surprise who would advice most
and you will wonder if he used the “dose”.
My child, look at my life. 
The height I’ve attained
is enough a drive
to keep you sustained
as an encouragement through life.
Sure I faced some blocks,
but “doggedness of my water
bore hole into the rock”.
The world is getting “better”;
You would probably face more. 
Let doggedness of your water
bore hole into the rock.
Oh little girl, how time flies! 
Few years ago, the air was rent with cries  
of a baby, who on the cradle bed lied, 
the name of whom many mouth and soul opined. 
Today I write to you my dearest baby
from the pit and tunnel of my narrow soul. 
In life you need be a graceful lady, 
in wisdom and uprightness, you grow. 
Sometimes you’ll face great challenges, 
be sure to confront them with optimism. 
Life mostly could be like sour spices 
break free from the bondage of pessimism. 
Don’t forget you must into success slide. 
I’ve written an ode to my dearest child. 
© Barnabas
Dear niño, the day I meet you then I have found that joy; a joy so overwhelming that cuddling you would be my every day task. 
I want to hold you up to the Sky and sing to
you while watching the stars. 
I want to hold your tiny fingers and watch you close your eyes to sleep. 
I want to be there through your first step, 
first word and first birthday and 
through every other day of joy. 
And as I watch you take a peaceful rest at night,
I wish you would forever remain my baby. 
But as much as I want that I want 
to be in the front row screaming on your graduation 
and saying that’s my baby and support you 
through every other big step you take 
and when you are old enough, 
I would let you make your decisions. 
From a distance, I’d guide you to the best route of life. 
I love you mi amor.
Dear love, Mama might have a lot to make up for. 
Mama might not be the best you imagine, 
mama might be an iron-fisted disciplinarian, 
but she’ll never stop loving you. 
Dear darling, I wanna be your best friend. 
I wanna go on vacations with you, 
I wanna cook meals with you, 
I wanna sing you a lullaby every bedtime. 
I’m sorry if your mother would be full of flaws
even though she’s yet to have you,
or she’s scared to have you. 
But I’m gonna make children’s day everyday for you.
© Romlah
My greatest joy from above,
your arrival to planet earth was awaited for eagerly. 
Joyous arrangement, ecstatic preparations for your majestic homecoming.
I cannot help but adore your body
so soft and healthy.
When I walk the streets seeing each nation builder racing against time in this wilderness,
coasting through everything tangible like guards with insect mandible,
it baffles me and I wonder 
if I have really made this planet worth living for you.
I will live and keep living for you my child for together we will build our nation. 
© Amyspecial
You are far above gemstone,
you are dynamic and Smart. 
None like you,
you are my treasure. 
You are a reflection;
a reflection of possibility,
a reflection of wisdom’s calibre. 
You are a savoury salt,
your taste must not go sour.
You are a picture, template and a mirror;
you can’t be egocentric, 
your life involves others.
You can’t thread some paths, 
not because of what mouth speaks; 
but because of the lives sealed with you. 
So, you must fulfill purpose. 
© Itunuobi
On this day, I think of no one else than my child, even though unborn.
Deep down in my heart, I feel for you what you would think of this world;
A space full of crisis, 
A space full of hatred,
A space full of disorderliness, 
A space full of disaster, 
A space full of calamity, 
A space besieged with misfortune.
I bow my head today and make a covenant that,
may you not be disdained in this space,
may you be head high above equals,
may the valour of heaven and earth never elude you. 
Hence, my vow goes thus to you;
I owe you a mother of passion,
I owe you a mother of hope
I owe you a mother of strength
I owe you a mother of fortune 
I owe you a mother of treasure, 
as she has also promised to give you the best even if I’m being laid to rest.
© Akanbi Jamaldeen
Dear Oluwalofeyifunmi, 
you are a tiny little creature
born out of me, miraculously
I have had your pictures in mind
imagining what you would look like. 
Now, in my hands, I bear you. 
The sight of you thrills my soul. 
I’m hurt, seeing you wail
though, I’d wished you never ail. 
The tenderness of your skin,
softness of your hair
and innocence of your soul
amaze my spirit. 
I cherish you, my gold. 
You are a priceless treasure
here’s a wish, that you grow to be great. 
From me to you, here is a letter. 
Yours affectionately, Akanke! 
© Oluwayitomisin
the greatest connection between heaven and earth,
a beam of sunlight and rays of hope,
the greatest reflection of a society,
the biggest indicator of a happy society.
Man’s most valuable resource of all time,
the major constituent of the future and greater part of today,
the message we send to the future we can’t see,
the sign that God wants human existence to continue.
The one we teach about life and teaches us what life is,
the most dependable of human race,
the ones with the greatest form of honesty,
free from sins and full of miracles.
Humans’ most valuable resource,
the ones with less enemy,
the ones who beautify our world in an amazing way,
the fruit of the womb that unifies the world.
Happy children’s day!
© D-Antidote
Dear golden sun of victory,
guitars stringing loud joy.
Like Jewels bright, upon the thread of years;
you copied my face and ease your mom’s pain.
The perfect smile on world
like sunshine after rain.
Life is full of morn and fun,
together we’ll play pun.
On my life I pledge to strife,
to give a gift of fatherhood.
When furnace fires of life kept blazing high;
I’ll keep you safe in coolest thigh.
The laughter of a child
shapes the destiny of man.
Till when we’ll finally meet;
keep eating Saviour’s meat.
© AfolaOluwa
Dear son,
you’re a precious gift to me;
a gem admirable to my heart.
As lily plant besides the lake, 
is what you are, my prince.
I know the journey of life is rough and tough, 
stick to the word of the Lord. 
You’re not a mere dream,
you’re a living testimony.
Don’t be defiled by the world,
move closer to the Lord.
Stay upright to the living word,
let him guide your path. 
In winter and summer, 
in dawn and twilight,
my love for you will never shatter.
Yours sincerely,
© Oluwayimikaakakiri

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