Dear womb-man

Dear womb-man,
I have read of how you bugled;
bugled in pains against the patriarchal societies.
I got to know from history how you
struggled for your voice to travel across
many communities.
Glad to know the struggle was never in vain,
and unto many today, it has become a gain.
Dear womb-man,
I often see the valiant ones among you
treading the path of victory some men dread,
and embracing responsibilities like
chocolate bread.
A man with a womb are you.
You bleed for days each month,
Yet, you never bleed to death.
Inside your womb for nine months,
you carry another being like wind from the
The painful sweet experience of childbirth
whispers so loudly of your enormous
When you love, you don’t mind paying the
When betrayed, tears don’t cease to flow
from your eyes;
It’s not a sign of weakness, but of your
Shy not away from it, embrace your
Dear womb-man,
You’re rare beautiful queen,
not the regular slay queen,
but a queen of everything that is full of
© Olabayo Joshua Awodirepo

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