Hello great people! It give some joy to have to share with you once again. What I’m sharing today is about rain drops. I hope you’d get some value from it. 

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Sometimes, when it’s raining, it starts by drizzling. It then moves to heavy drops and goes back to little drops before it finally stops. I tried sometimes ago to understand why it is so and while reflecting, something dropped in my mind about we humans. 

Some people often start small then begin to improve to become like the heavy downpour of rain. But I wonder why some return to little drops. 
For instance, you start by doing something for 30minutes then as time goes on, 30mins would be too small for you and then you move to 1hour and then to 1hour 30 minutes. But all of a sudden, you go back to 30 minutes and then to zero minute. I just want to encourage you to never run out of the place of improvement. Don’t go back to the low level you’ve left. Our today must be better than yesterday and our tomorrow than today. 
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Until I come your way again next week, keep making progress. See you next week 👋👋 bye!!!!!.
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Damilola Esther Akiode was born on the 29th of April, 2008. She’s currently a JSS3 student of LeadWay Victory School Aloba Orogun Ibadan. She’s born into a Christian home where the fear of God, hardwork and love for humanity are parts of their core values. She likes reading, writing, speech delivery, teaching and learning new things. She also likes events planning. She dislikes any act of cheating or unrighteousness.

7 thoughts on “DIARY OF SISÍ DAMMY 005”

  1. I'm challenged.These great words coming from D girl. True. Many start with thirty minutes,up their game to one hour, one hour thirty minutes,then fall back to thirty minutes.Some even fall to zero.its such a tragedy.I once met a guy in Omokwu in Rivers State who became a Christian,he grew in faith and in the reading of the Bible. he started with one chapter in a day,then two chapters three , till he starts reading fifteen chapters in a day. hi we"d read the entire Bible through twice a year.I visited that same Omokwu ten years after and found out that my friend was now rusicrucian.To me this fall was not just to zero but to the negative part of the Y axis .Thank you D girl for sharing your thoughts. I',m so proud of you

  2. Noted…
    Never run out of the place of improvement. Don't go back to the low level you've left. Our today must be better than yesterday and our tomorrow than today.

    Those words are deep..

    You will continue to live to fulfill purpose…

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