Poems, Short Stories and Write-ups 

Day  4


What a night!
Lovely imagination ran through my brain,
and sweet smile came from my face.
Sounds of insects and croaking toads were here and there.
Then I became drunk with fatigue,
even deaf to the hoots of passing cars.
Then came a visionary dream,
with my utmost wish processing.
Then behold I a rainbow in the sky,
its gate was flung upon to behold its splendid interior.
Dressed in an attractive shiny linen with sequin,
came a duo, looking so gorgeous,
Guess who the duo was.
I and my love were the duo,
Then the rod of consciousness struck me.
Now I know that,
I’m not a dreamer but a visionary.


Dream it,
              confess it;
profess it.
                Don’t give up;
you’ll possess it.
                Light your dream up.
© AfolaOluwa


I want to live in a world
where fairies and magic are real things,
a world where Lion and the kinds
of the wild can be man’s friend.
I want to live in a world
where hare doesn’t eat up the heart’s of men,
where betrayal isn’t a common trend
and corruption isn’t the fashion of the day.
I want to live in a world
 where racism never is
and only the scars could tell.
I want to live in a world where connection
isn’t the order of the day,
a world where dreams come true.
Please, call me not a dreamer, I’m not one.     
© Royal Sarah


Eyes closed, breath pumping,
the dream came
with much vigour.
It passed through my veins
holding it on with much pains…
To actuate brings in pang,
to surrender, not a prank.
Being frank, I crept in solace.
I troth to make my vision
and thought an attested mission.
In it lies a better future
envisaged with great feature.
Notching it is easier
because I’m not a dreamer.
© Midun


Here comes the dreamer,
here comes our Joseph.
Is he even our Joseph?
Let’s call him Jonah.
Jonah the lazy heavy sleeper
with no tangible dream.
I am not just a dreamer,
I am not an ordinary dreamer,
I am an achiever.
I chase what I want.
What I chase, I get.
I’m Noah.
I’ll gently build my ark
and anchor it safely.
Never call me a dreamer,
call me an achiever.
© Sanni omobolade


I’m not a dreamer.
To become reality, a dream takes focus and hard work.
But dreamers believe it’s just a magic.
They like walking on a road called someday which leads to no day.
I’m not a dreamer.
Dreamers are addicted to words without actions.
They love explanation and theory without practical.
Failure and excuse are their bosses.
They are charmed by revelation and give no concern to genesis.
I’m not a dreamer.
Dreamers are put into captivity by fear
and sentenced to everlasting regret.
I choose to be a doer,
since all doers are dreamers.
© 🖊️ Abdullahi Shuaib


To me,
dreams are not like oceans floorside
that flourish across the
crust of our hearts.
To me,
dreams are not the
unbroken spectacles
that clear the dearths lurked in ancient coffins.
To me dreams are not
a mere day or a nightmare
but like spring of oceans
that springs the works
of our wills
and drive us away
from where the people goes.


I’ve seen rain-clouds gather
to extinguish my flaming fire of vision.
I’ve seen silence sit
to butcher my throat of thought.
I’ve seen a wailing sea roar
to swallow the soul of my secrecy.
I’ve seen A Tasmania Tiger leap
to pound my placid package.
For if the rain reigns,
and the secrecy is swallowed,
if the thought is thorned
and the package is pounded,
will I still drill my dream?
© βαπur


Dreams come while sleeping.
Dreams of juice and cheesecake,
is not a guarantee for them to be seen.
Just a mere illusion if I refuse to wake.
I’ve had bad dreams that never came true.
I’ve had good ones that ceased in the air.
So having a dream is not the issue,
staying asleep is the problem here.
“God is able to do above
what you can think or imagine”.
To read and stop there is not enough,
but getting to “power” keeps you examined.
There should be a driving force for you,
a power that works in you to not relax,
a dreamer to a realiser with clue
that dreaming and becoming have different attacks.


Of all things seen and felt
were truly mere dreams dreamt,
labours of our past heroes,
then everything else followed, and it came to pass.
Who should we call the dreamer?
Should it be Joseph or Martin Luther?
I believe they both dreamt well.
You too can dream as well, and it shall come to pass.
Create the dream in your mind,
it will be decreed in full time.
A great story to be told
as great history in ten fold,
for it shall come to pass.
The prophecy of old
even the forgotten and sold
seemingly yet to be achieved
shall one day be fulfilled.
For it shall come to pass!
© Jigs Michael


I stand to watch darkness wrestle light,
while evil battles good to a standstill.
Attempting to explain, I betrayed wrong for right.
Now I’m called the patient who took the wrong pill.
If only they know I am far from dreaming.
Falsehood has gained confidence to stalk truth.
The tree has lost its vigor to its fruit.
Weakness has worn the attire of strength
and death ambushes life to a great extent.
If only they know I am far from dreaming.
Fear skirts the periphery of bravery.
Ugliness has shown hatred towards beauty.
As war has conquered peace with slavery.
Now I’m seen as one with ominous identity
If only they know I am far from dreaming.


I’m not a dreamer,
but I dreamed.
A misty vision, was
usually my portion.
I’m not a seer, but I saw.
A million but one dreams of my
ancestors, and their chains, but their freedom.
Hear me, but I took my eyes,
and washed in the holy blood.
Yes I took my mind’s eye,
and dipped them till they were clean.
The eagle now sees,
and can roar with accuracy.
The eye is a workshop,
of the perfect dream.
© Akin OLA


I’ve dreamed too much to be
trapped in the fantasy I’ve built.
I can’t live in a world where
I won’t achieve more than I dream of.
Since I can walk forward to achieve,
there’s no need to silently muse and
develop dreams.
Dreams give conclusions to a
future not yet born.
Achievement leads one through
steps to achieve a plausible future.
Don’t sit and dream,
Stand, walk on and achieve.
Be more than a dreamer, achieve!!!
© Sempiternal Melody Phoenix (S.M.P)


What are these aspirations
and ambitions?
This feeling and eagerness
to reach the peak of highness.
Everyday, eager motivation
to be on the motion.
What are these words I mumble
sounding I won’t to be able?
Joseph was a betrayed dreamer.
Yet, he walked till he got higher.
I’m not a dreamer.
I’m a conquerer.
Or, maybe I’m a dreamer…
© Tiffany Okororie


I haven’t won yet,
neither have I relented,
dreaming without planning,
I call it a two-way failing.
I don’t do dreaming any more,
so I can prevent my energy from draining.
For every time I spend dreaming,
the more exacting my future seems.
My mind is made up to dream no more.
I was taught to be of feckless character,
I am not fazed by their view.
They are wrong, I am an achiever;
a product of my febrile imagination.
© Instinctive


I have a goal and that is to succeed.
Procrastination, my worst enemy, I have overcome.
What I must do now I do with perfection.
I’m a goal getter,
I let no small mind deter me
from scoring my goals.
Though I face so many defenders and attackers, my target is the goal post.
I’m a goal getter not just a dreamer.
I’m a worker of my dreams.
I have seen the vision,
I have written them clearly
for everyone to read and run with.
I’m a goal getter.
My goal is to cheat death, die empty,
and impact my generation positively.
Then when I go back to my master he will say
well-done thou good and faithful servant.
© Benedicta Agagbo


I dream to live a happy life,
’cause that’s where fulfillment lies.
I become dreamy when I think of my future;
mostly wanting to make a reality of the picture.
I beneath the seas seek gem.
I define my goals and seek to achieve them.
I don’t just dream and keep it tucked away,
beneath my pillow where it gets cozy and frail.
I seek high places and I try working harder.
I have dreams but I’m not a dreamer.
My dream isn’t that which keeps me asleep
but that which snatches my sleep.
© Ummulkhayr


I am not a dreamer who chooses not to take actions.
When I dream, I take actions to my dreams.
I am not a dreamer who chooses to wander;
wander in the world of illusions.
I am not lost in fantasy of my imaginations
neither am I carried away with the fallacies of dreams.
Dreams come true, but only when actions are taken.
Dreams without actions are equal to illusion.
I am a dreamer who sees visions,
I take actions to my dreams and I become a visionary.
I take another step and I become a missionary.
Dreams plus actions Is equal to reality.
© Eriikeoluwanimi


Of penned ideas I make visual images,
finish scripts in my head before mounting stages
’cause my mind’s the first womb before book’s pages.
By this I have more strength to scale through hurdles,
journeying as though without struggle,
because all I see is that it is possible.
My name’s Joseph but I’m not a dreamer.
Although what I do is quite similar,
rather you should call me a visionary.
© Oluwatomiwa


I portray real everyday life.
No fake is found in me.
No illusion nor fiction added.
I’m a Realist.
I love to tell stories of myself,
and I’d like you to know,
loving to me means a doubtful entanglement.
I stopped dreaming that moment I got hurt,
only to realize, his love was a fantasy.
Afterall, I always dreamt of the island.
I found out realism is easy.
Challenging reality is bravery.
Love is to fight as War is to conquer.
Now, I am a Romantic.
© Miranda_writes


Red roses, pink flowers, Classy resort, Diamond ring, Handsome dude,
One knee, Beautiful me…
     Dreamy me!
Book reading, Sensible discussions, Online courses, Active job, Self discovery,
Making mistakes, Continuous learning…
  Living me!
For “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”. Rowling
© Debbie

Short Stories and Write-ups section


Grandpa called my name feebly as he laid on his death bed, he had always been my confidant and supporter, tears laden in my eyes as I watched death take its toll on him and I couldn’t help or do nothing than to foolishly watch death usher him forever away.
“There was a farmer”, Grandpa started “who heard a prophecy that he was going to be very rich latter in life, this same prophecy was given to a fellow poor palm wine tapper. The farmer went home rejoicing, he called his friends and celebrated the anticipated riches amongst them, while the palmwine tapper went home and work harder to see to the prophecy’s fulfillment”.
I waited for grandpa to complete the story but he looked at me and said “You can complete it if you feel it’s not complete my son. Be a doer not a dreamer” He said and closed his eyes eternally, never to be opened again.
© Barnabas


My dizziness threw my fragile eyes lashes to blink intermittently as the blinding light of the day dissolved into the cloudy sky of the night and my night suddenly turned darker with my skin resting within my stomach.
Ovation took over the air with numerous prizes beating the drums of my names, I was called severally to receive the prize of outstanding performance.
My body bled for deeper joy and my arms swung in pride with numerous students doffing their caps to my greatness as I moved out of the hall and gazed upon the slavery mass of the sunlight, a message appeared to my view “dreamer, you’re not, you must dive into action to achieve excellence” and I suddenly reunited with myself as I broke off my dream.
©Israel Eze Jacob


As I stood beside my Mama, who sat inside her saturated kitchen on her favourite stool with her tummy which had protruded showing it clearly that she was pregnant after four children, I wept bitterly in me as I knew my parents had no plans for our future.
As she turned the fufu flour which gradually thickened under the glowing hot fire vigorously, she said to me “What are you thinking about Chika?”. With confidence in me I answered “my plans”, “plans”? Mama asked surprisingly . I continued “I want to provide a better life for our family, set us free from the shackles of poverty. Build for us houses, buy big cars, send my younger ones to the best school ever…” I couldn’t finish talking about my plans as she chewed them up by giving out a loud laughter and she said ” Chika, the dreamer”.
But I believe I am not a dreamer.

© Ashade Grace (The pen🖋️🖋️)


Do you think a dream can be achieved by mere dreaming? Or you think once you dream greatness, you will automatically be great? A dreamer is a mere commoner until he steps outside the world he is.
You have a dream to become a lawyer, yet you keep sleeping throughout every day. Have you set your goals? If at all you’ve done that, won’t you goad yourself to get your goals? To accomplish the herculean tasks you’ve given yourself? Come on!
The world is at risk. They need survivors to lead them through the way and you are one of them. Successful people outside there ‘don’t’ just set goals, they set and get goals. In short, they are goal chasers.
Don’t just be a dreamer, be a settler and a chaser. Set a goal now and get a goal now, there is no limit to what you can achieve.
© Clinton S. Atanda

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