Poems, Short Stories and Write-ups 

Day  5


Everybody has a life of success, 
everybody has a dream for success, 
everybody longs for success, 
everybody prays for success. 
Little do we know about its broken bridge to be crossed. 
Little do we know about the risks embedded. 
We do not know it’s based on determination, 
we do not care about the passion involved. 
Only few channel their path towards its path. 
Only few link their minds to its mind. 
Only few connect their soul to its soul. 
Only few take their time for its time. 
Not everybody gets to live with it
because it stays with only those that understand it. 
In order to understand it, 
you need to make friends with your passion for it. 
© Ifeoluwa 


My soul slumbereth within me. 
Lazily, too lazy to move an inch. 
Zeal killed and vibe murdered 
then buried in the bottomless pit. 
Suddenly I felt a new surge of power, 
strong enough to break all chains, 
moving me from the dark horrible dungeon
to a palace, comparable to the heavens. 
A new man stood out to the world
full of strength and vigour
driven by passion and willingness 
to make impossibilities possible. 
© Barnabas


I love the way my pen dances on the blank pages of books.
I love the way words gets stringed together; briefing the writer’s thought.
I love the way I journey in life through the pages of books.
I love mixing different shades of blue and red on the white canvas of sheets.
I love the way words tumble out of my head unto the plain pages.
I love to give others a peek into my thoughts.
I love to shout out my thoughts on plain pages.
I love sometimes, to hide behind the petals of flowery write-ups. 
My passion drives me.
Don’t be confused; I love what I do.
So, it makes it all the more better
to build a hive of words about my passion.
© Ummulkhayr


The best I serve sincerely,
in secret mediocrity fan my flame.
I jogged upon failure;
though strengthened consistency.
To sky I desire to fly,
only leg I’ve got to move.
I learnt jumping ways,
one day I believe to lunch a rocket.
Yeeehhh, water is gone,
tap rushing fluids no more.
To river I fetched waters;
a drink will quench sovereign thirst.
River water became wine,
stick-to-it​ive​ness dressed me.
Passion wet my drought field,
bountiful harvest, a lime light.
© AfolaOluwa


When passion becomes a drive,
we run better on life’s bumpy road.
When passion becomes a drive,
“Be hardworking” will be less of a sermon.
When passion becomes a drive,
the alarm is in my head and not by my bed.
When passion becomes a drive,
sacrifices are friends with my bank account.
The oil of ease and the never-setting sun,
the refreshing of sweats,
the less significant clock,
are muses when engagements are passion-driven.
© Oluwatomiwa


My passion to know you more
has driven me to a deeper search 
of your existence.
My desire to know your character and your 
mind set has kept my pillow lonely. 
You have become my addiction. 
I’m addicted to your words, y
our thought,your culture. 
My passion for you drives me into days
without food and night without sleep.
I’m addicted to your love, 
this strong passion elude my imagination,
that my only concentration is the meditation of your word. 
I’m addicted to this search, your word is my bread,
your worship is my breath.
You are my oxygen.Am addicted to your love.
© Benedicta Agagbo 


When passion becomes a drive, 
the driver loses it wheels, 
yet, the car never stumble upon trees. 
When passion becomes the drive, 
the journey becomes less far,
and the voyage no matter, 
because more minding. 
Only when passion becomes a drive, 
will every challenge becomes an adventure, 
and every difficulty becomes an experience. 
Passion is what drive us without self, 
to do better and better and better without stress. 


Certainty is a probability with a risk,
Passion is more than a desire,
It’s a part of our lives
that drives our struggles of survival in life.
Plants strive to grow,
life fights to continue,
passion is our catalyst for progress.
We pray our struggles bring blessings,
hoping our passion doesn’t become our fall.
When there’s a lot we’re hopeless against,
and our smart and hard work leaves us broken,
our passion becomes our stubborn determination.
Passion remains the beauty of the colour in plants,
passion is our pedestal of hope.
The fruit of our passion drive becomes
our blooming hope


I keep moving, driven by an unseen
driver; on the highway and through
the tunnel, I keep moving.
I keep pressing forward under the
sun and in the rain, knowing one day
that my King will surely reign.
When I don’t feel like going
I keep moving, when I don’t feel
like doing, I keep being at the duty!
Lately, I discovered that “PASSION”
is the driving force, passion has been
the drive; a commander whose order
I can’t resist, refute or gainsay.
© Pope-Chris.


The creation of human, seas, land….let us make… 
the road to success
the graduation from your conscious 
mind to your subconscious mind. 
The sole that connect your soul 
and mind to move. 
the birth of uncommon results. 
the realm where impossibilities become possible. 
the visualization of what in you to come reality.
© Nkechi Joy 


Not out of imposition 
but springing from a decision.
Not out of compulsion
but birthed from passion.
I am a sharp shooter,
this is the path I have chosen.
Not to fear will I bow
nor from death will I run
but with my loins girded 
and my boots laced up,
I will let passion fuel my journey.
This is my pledge. 
© Vikthor N.


I was invited to “MC” the show.
I nailed it, everyone knows.
My payment I was deprived, 
they were to say final goodbye,
but passion is my drive.
So I sang at this event,
the voice and moves were heaven-sent,
applauds and standing ovation refused to die,
but the judges said I should retry. 
Passion kept the dream alive.
He said “don’t waste your time writing”. 
She told me “books in the house are wasting”. 
They said “our ears are sore from your singing”.
But passion is the drive,
not from him or her but inside,
from within me passion drives.


I love to write,
it’s passion.

I love to express my feelings,
it’s my passion

I love to construct witty words,
it’s my passion.

I love to sing melodious melodies
through my pen, it’s my passion. 

I love to heal the sick with my words,
it’s my passion.

 Writing is my passion.

© Ashade Grace(The pen🖋️🖋️)


When you become the driver,
I wouldn’t have a need for a rival.
When you lead and guide me,
I wouldn’t have a reason to swerve or rive.

Passion, when you drive me,
I can actually build a fashionable mansion of poems
because you will lead me to the realistic realms;
realms where I will dwell in the well of words

Passion, when you drive me,
I will have my muse in whole, not in fraction.
Then my poems will look like factions
having both facts and fiction in them.

© Eriikeoluwanimi


It started like a joke,
writing non stop all day. 
Sleep dared not come till my Pen’s last stroke,
whether t’was a story, poem or play.
It continued through school,
being a Science student couldn’t deter,
for this passion stayed full. 
It carried it’s own source of fuel.
Soon it became obvious
to kinsmen far and near. 
That which was thought to be frivolous,
was something to be deared.
For now my Nation writhes
in the pains of COVID’s knife.
To soothe my pen now bleeds,
for this passion’s now a drive.
© W.I.C

Short Stories and Write-ups section


Do you know the alluring thing that makes you live your life luxuriously? If no, it is called passion. To find it may be a task, but once it is found and it becomes your drive, it puts you in an unceasing joy. Its presence in your life makes you see the hidden treasure that other people can not see in whatever you engage in, even with microscope. 
When passion drives, challenges become opportunities and failure becomes motive, suffering and pain become advantages. 
Boredom, fear and odium are enemies of passion, don’t make friend with them. Passionate people give no way to the but’s of life and find ceaseless joy in their doings. Stand up, put yourself together as you read this. The difference between what you enjoy doing and what you find no joy in doing is passion. Discover the hidden treasures given to you by the most sovereign, develop passion, give it the steering, let it drive you and you become an impeccable nabob in your doings.
© 🖊️ Abdullahi Shuaib.


It is a popular maxim that passion is the genesis of a genius, but explaining passion to a person who has never experienced it is like looking for a black goat at night. Now the small question with a big question mark is. 
WHAT IS PASSION? Passion is that indescribable enthusiasm or desire u feel toward a thing or a person. Passion lies in us all, it guides us, stirs in us, it speaks to us , it rules us and we obey.
The two most important days of a man’s life is the day he is born and the day he knows why. Purpose may point you in the right direction but it’s passion that propels you. At this juncture, permit me to scoop from the reservoir of knowledge of Benjamin Franklin by using one of his quotes which says ” if passion drives you, let the reason hold the reins
© Precious


When passion becomes a drive, rest assured that no matter how rough the journey might be you’ll reach the peak as giving up will not be an option.
Many people nowadays are into things they don’t have passion for. But then, “Bisi is into it, and she’s making a lot, if she can do it, so can I”.
However, what you don’t get is that you will need passion for ‘it’. The challenges Bisi overcomes due to her passion, you won’t overcome because you lack the passion. Little wonder people quit businesses easily. Find your passion.
© EMs


My passion to study theater art in the university is always unchangeable. Though, my father has ordained me to study Law due to my excellent performance in government, I will not desist to follow my mind. 
How would he choose for me? Are only those that study law the successful men on earth? There is no iota of lie in the saying that “Experience is the master of knowledge” but does that mean I cannot think from the abyss of my mind?! No! I believe I’m the master of my fate the captain of my soul because I have the power to control my thoughts.
Severally, Mom tries to convince him to allow me to go for what my mind sticks for, but her colloquy in him yields to no positivity. “Not when I’m alive he will do that shit. Nonsense !” he will say. I once told him that, even my body to death is laid, the blood of studying theater art will still flow in my vein. 
© βαπur


I’ve read the biography of M.K.O Abiola, how he sold firewood to get educated. That of Baba Obasanjo is pathetic, I also read the story of Dr. Ebele Jonathan that had no shoes. That of Prof. Wole Soyinka is popular, how he did WAEC 9 times, all these can be attributed to passion.
Mummy said there are many good occupations out there, but I insisted to be a graduate. People said there are many jobless graduate, but I believed hunter has is own day.
Girlfriend insulted me and asked why I was still under my parent roof at the age of 27, I never knew the response until I graduated. I then knew that passion has been the driver in the bus I boarded.


As a young kid, I grew up with a strong passion for driving, some times I go behind the wheel even in my preteen. I thought I would be taught how to drive in my late teen before clocking adulthood, but to my surprise I haven’t driven a car even till this day. 
But that doesn’t matter because I have been driving all my life, I mean I’ve been driving my life, I am the chief driver from birth. Everyone is a chief driver no matter their age and position in the society people may instruct, direct and even influence but the steering is in your hands so you decide where the wheel (will) courses.
The only two things which apparently drive people are “time and change.” but you can equally drive this factors, all you need is to have the passion. 
People would say “time is not on our side, or change is the only constant thing” this is where they miss; the heartbeat is constant too, it beats all the time and that means you can control or beat “time and change”. If you follow your heart beats. It doesn’t matter your age if your heartbeats for anything is an indication “you can archive it!”
© Jigs Michael


I am learning in life to do well whatsoever I find my hands doing. And this is one. Heart written words slip through my fingers. My own special way of expressing who I am. You can call it passion. Passion that pushes me to the end of the tunnel with the brightest of lights. The ‘in thing’ now is that a man does what he finds fulfillment in irrespective of whether the cash flows or not. (Sighs)
But truth be told, can such passion be sustained without a persuading pay? Only a few, but not so few a few press on. I beg to say that there is a source beyond passion that spurs this desire and pursuit for satisfaction. That, have you found?
© Favour Fasanya 


Segun is the last child in a family of four, Enitan being the third child is 8 years older than Segun, the older siblings were all in the tertiary school when Segun was in the last class of his primary education. Segun lost his mom when he was in primary 5. His father is a farmer and his farm needed more attention than Segun. I think all that didn’t make him waver in his academic pursuit. 
He had no one to tell him to study or help him with assignments. His passion for farming and care of animals grew as he saw his father do something which should be lucratively done in an uncivilized way. Segun remained undaunted as that is his vicissitude. His PASSION which became his DRIVE I believe will yield A1 results. 
© Instinctive
Sitting forlorn and ruminating about the future became a pitching way of how I spent most days, until I felt a touch at my back one day.
It was mama. “My son, what is wrong?” She asked… “Everything could be wrong concerning my career prospect. It has irked all feasibility and rescinded my dream to be opaque” I retorted.
She smiled with an ebb of sympathy in her face. She said; “my son, I had experienced such in my youthful days. Until I heard of ‘passion’. I wonder what it was until I some beverages of It and made a drink. 
You know how the drink functioned?” She said…. It awakened and fortified me to become enthusiastic. It made me go for a choice that rooted the best of it in me…. Delineating and enriched me with enthusiasm. 
© midun 


  1. Wow. I just said I should try the link out. And I found the write ups really interesting. All of them. Well done guys. I hope this passion never stop fueling your inks…

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