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She is A WOMAN!
By Rey Sema 

Created and made in wisdom,
Perfect bet yet confused;
What could be missing ?
The ability to reproduce
Reality into existence!

Out of a rib,
Counted worthless
came the science of incarnation.
The answer call to procreation
for the post-existence of mankind.

As the winter of time
Chorus for a months and years
I’ve poured out my blood
In a jar of heart for my kids,
And my worth for a man
Who pictured on a blur shattered glass;
He got me for a price.

Hmmm… the tides of life!

Leaving the house,
Leaving with a thought of
He left behind a jobless woman “a house wife”

For I was given a house,
Which I made a home;
this is a job
Which the world best certified papers
Is yet to qualify for!

Sweet and vulnerable,
doesn’t mean weak and fragile.
She is a goddess!
A warrior worth more than her weight in gold.
she has words for all occasion;
She is wise beyond her years.
She is A WOMAN!

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