BLOOD OF THE LAMB; the fall, break and rise

BLOOD OF THE LAMB; the fall, break and rise

Written by Jigs Michael 

Sometimes in history,
There was a family that came into a city.
The city was Egypt, and they were in number ten more than sixty.
They were prolific they grew and multiplied inside this great country and became an independent nation inside a sovereign nation but subsequently, they lost their freedom.

They became enslaved and shackled to pains and bondage for four hundred years, because this sovereign nation was afraid that most of their children were males and would grow to become very brave, when they became full of age, so many of their sons were slain that they mustn’t become great.

When the time was fully come, for them to obtain their freedom the only plague that shook this great nation was the angel of death that took their first borns. The only thing that shielded Israel against this angel of death was the blood. The blood of the lambs that was slain and offered to the Lord to save them from bondage.

Through the blood, with an outstretched arm, the Lord brought Israel out to the promise land, the land that was promised to their father Abraham, but that wasn’t all, God promised Abraham that the Messiah son of man would directly come through his bloodline making all mankind his fruits of his loins through faith, and this Messiah would restore by his blood the kingdom man lost when Adam fell

Adam fell, back in Genesis, immediately after creation, man fell and lost his freedom because of rebellion, disobedience that what we humans have in common. A plot by the devil using a subtle creature to instill doubt in the heart of man towards the creator and man lusted and became sinful in nature. And the plot was devious enough to give birth into the world evil, making the natural man sinful and sin spread as mutant gene to every seed of man.
So men danced with Satan and lost their stance and never got the chance to reclaim it back because of a cancer “sin” a disease refusing to heal, leprosy eating deep into our skin, cancer destroying our flesh, asthma chocking out our breath to death
The wages of sin is death, total separation from breath, the only thing that could pay the debt is perfect blood being shed in man’s stead. So men killed beast and used their skin to hide his sins. But, this payment isn’t perfect so man has to be consistent in making sins offerings to God.
But the blood of lambs and bulls could not serve as total remission for man’s sins neither was the blood of any man perfect enough, not the blood of Abel, nor the blood of Isaac nor Zachariah’s, they weren’t the son man, neither did the blood of prophets nor martyrs perfect enough for this sacrifice.

But when the time was fully come, God took matter into his own Hands and came down to save man, the Messiah son of man is the precious son of God, the word through which the world was created became flesh for us and dwelt amongst us as Jesus Christ to Break the curse of time.

Jesus the incarnate Son of God was born of a virgin without blemishes to take away all our sins, and he lived amongst us without sin and preached about God’s kingdom which is to come and he shew us the way to our freedom, but we told him come lead us as king, we called him “Christ our king” we cheered but his only concern was his father’s will, so Judas betrayed himand we tore his garments and handed him to Pilate and declared “crucify him”

at Gethsemani Christ went through a terrible agony as he gave a thought about the remedy for our debt, the anguish he felt was so great, but accepted death just to sacrifice and pay the price for you and me, his sweat were like drops of blood and right after there he was scourged, he was struck and crushed like the one run through by a truck, he was crowned with thorns and given the cross, I was shocked that he could still bear the cross which was the weight of the world.

He took the cross on his back and walked some miles, He couldn’t smile because the sacrifice wasn’t mild, he was tired and did fall several time he stood up tall and continue the job, when he was nailed to the cross He broke the curse.
Yes He broke the curse, see when the lamb of God was slain on Calvary’s cross he took away all our pains and shame, washed us clean from their stains, tearing the curtains, the veil that shielded us from God and then united us to God as father and sons, sentence was passed on the world, the prince of the world was judge, and overthrown and on the third day Jesus rose defeated all His foes and gave us a new song “up from the grave he arose” a rolled stone and an empty tomb because Jesus Christ has arose. He is our risen lord, the living God, Christ is so alive that is the gospel of our salvation.

He arose, Jesus Christ our hope of life is alive because when he died on Calvary’s cross he gave up his breath to vanquish death and the only thing left is for us to accept that he paid the debt and there’s nothing left because he said “it is finished” his blood is life to all flesh, because he paid the debts of death, so if you accept his death as payment for your debt and follow his footsteps then you are save with eternal life
He said come to me all who laboured and I will give you rest that is a new breath, he said take my burdens and learn from me ”this yoke is easy and his burden light the is a lifestyle of prayer, chanting and fasting, a life chastened from sin and abstaining from ungodly things.

Be bold because you are no longer a commodity to be sold, Christ have paid the price with his precious blood and now you belong to God, so resolve to hear his voice as a perfect flock, Jesus our risen Lord is the lamb of God that took away the sins of the world, it doesn’t matter the colour or the place you are from Jesus laid down his life for us all because of love, see church this perfect love is the example and legacy he left for us, his blood is the indivisible bond binding us together as one, indestructible as an atom.
So we are one, whether Catholics, Adventist or Methodists.
Celesian, deeper lifer or you do worship with dunamis.
We are all parts of a whole body the church, held together with an eternal bond of perfect love and nourished through Christ’s precious blood.

The grace of Christ resurrection challenges and changes everything.
The grace of Christ resurrection challenges and changes everyone.
From a faithless generation to a faithful generation.
From unrighteous to righteousness,
from fearfulness to braveness,
from mortality to immortality, for we have risen like Christ from imperfection to perfection.
If you have a question on how a man can live a life of perfection I will point you to Christ’s passion.
Listen, Jesus Christ died on Friday and and turn it to a “Good Friday” so when you die to self that is flesh, his risen spirit would quicken your spirit, and He will live within and transplant a new heart according to psalm 51:10 that would give you the strength for you to be chastened to perfection.
This doesn’t mean you won’t fall into temptations but he will give you the grace to rise tall and continue the race after falling.
For the perfection of a man is not in his inability to fall but in his ability to rise tall after he falls.

Christ demonstrated such perfection to us in his passion as he rose tall severally after falling under the rugged cross.

Adam fell, but Christ rose and broke imperfections to I’m perfection the both have the same letters in them but the apostrophe and gap are free as water
As the night falls and day breaks and we always rise let’s keep rising into this perfect life freely given to us by Christ

poetic doctor
Jigs Michael
The black legend

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