In a small town,
they drew a plan to bring him down,
and moved a motion to take down.
Truth was captured,
brutally disgraced and tortured.
With whips, his body was punctured.
Old Nick thought he’d given him a smack down,
besotted to the mystery behind the blood splashdown.
Śāṭān rejoiced over wall crackdown,
canned in knowledge to see how our sin would meltdown.
Sooth on purpose, his body laid-down,
down the grave his soul went down.
In sepulcher he stepped down,
grave and Hades he clamped down.
Old testament became closed down,
huge debt he paid in full, not marked down.
Evil handwriting he cut down,
blotting out ordinances, set to bring us down.
Curses for us he tore down,
devil’s scheme trembled down.
Salvation is for all, irrespective of your hometown,
at your door he knocks, don’t turn him down;
He’s coming back, keep the count down.
© AfolaOluwa

Olaoluwa Afolabi Emmanuel, well known as AfolaOluwa, is a young and energetic man whose vision is bigger than his size. He’s a script writer, a poet, a comedian (MC AfolaOlu), a photographer, motivational speaker, a worshiper and a genuine lover of God. “I love the LORD Ps 116:1”

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