A poem by AfolaOluwa Emmanuel

Sweet bee that stings the whole race,
ebullition that ripped off Land’s peace.
Bringing the whole world on her knees,
one legend that silence world’s pride.
Paroxysm pandemic;
who steals the earth riches.
Agony in world’s happiness,
covid weapon of the unknown. 
Land of battle why thou at peace?
terrorism where’s thy headlines?
The cough of God,
enslaves the wisdom of men.
For once dear earth get wisdom;
men race open your eyes and see clearly.
Knowledge is of evil and good,
knowledge from flesh amount to destruction,
inside Zoe lives true knowledge.
God secret lie low within,
and His Revelation brings quietude.
Think and turn;
a contrite heart He won’t resist.
Eat the fruit of repentance,
and become sweetened.

© AfolaOluwa, 2020

Olaoluwa Afolabi Emmanuel, well known as AfolaOluwa, is a young and energetic man whose vision is bigger than his size.
He’s a script writer, a poet, a comedian (MC AfolaOlu), a photography, motivational speaker, a worshipper and a genuine lover of God.
“I love the LORD Ps 116:1”

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