A poem by Nkechi Joy James

Moving from country to country,
cutting lives short.
Living tears to families, friends and love ones,
if there be any still left.
God, what is happening?
Please, heal us.
COVID – 19 is spreading;
taking people from Earth
to unknown destination, heaven or hell?
A disease that leads to many deceased,
spreading from one to millions in a minute,
restricting people and giving them a limit,
taking lives without a reason,
and leaving people helpless, hopeless and grieving.
God, please come down.
Have mercy on us
for the reason of your children still on Earth,
We know we have sinned,
but we need grace to live.

See the tears in our eyes
as we strive everyday to breath.
God, bless ITALY and relieve them of this heat.
Help USA as they ask and pray,
Thanks for protecting CHINA and granting them their heart desires.
Lord, heal and protect NIGERIA as we rise and protect the WORLD.
COVID -19, 19 away from the world as 2019 is gone
never to meet again, we command in faith not implore.

© Nkemjoy

I’m Nkechi Joy James.
I’m from Ebonyin State, born and raised in Ondo State, I went to God’s Time Nursery and Primary school, Ondo State, then proceeded to Saint Stephen’s Anglican Grammar School,  Ondo City, Ondo State. I’m currently in Benin city, Edo State Nigeria. I’m in 100L, University of Benin, studying English and Literature.
I find Joy in cooking, writing, reading as well praying.

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