Poems, Short Stories and Write-ups 

Final Day  


Let Reuben live and not die, 
let his men not be few
for He said to her,
”Woman were are thine accusers” 
and he condemned her not. 
For this He saith 
“upon Mount Zion there shall be deliverance 
and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession”. 
Alas! Alas! The axehead was borrowed,
Achan took of the accursed things 
and Peter betrayed you. 
But there remaineth a Creed
”that if the Son of Man be lifted 
you will draw men unto yourself”.
And so Father we lift high the Son of Man
today with our faces bowed down and 
our hearts with repentance from our misdeeds. 
Arise and have mercy on our nations
for the set time to favor her has come. 
This we pray in Jesus name, Amen.
© Amyspecial


Words and mutterings_
breeds of our thoughts_
Couriers of the heart’s sincere questions.
Dangling memories sweeping minds
drawn from you, yet torn to ourselves, 
far from you, yet close to our foes, 
lost our faith, our flesh in fear.
Crumbling cities, broken homes, 
humbling men to their knees,
our world’s plight.
So, In thoughts we hope, transcending_ 
and In solemn words request, life for death
Wealth for poverty, health for sickness
raising a rumbling sound of Pleas. 
According melodies wrapping our pain
suited Lips, like the rolling of thunder
summoning our souls in prayer.
© Ifiok Johnson


Dear Lord,
see your your creation on their knees
crying across all oceans and seas
that this global pandemic my cease
and that the world may enjoy your peace.

Dear father,
see how your children are groaning,
with fasting and prayer they are pleading
that this deadly disease may stop hovering
and that all the earth may keep rejoicing.

This is our heart cry Lord,
that you may speak your word
and bring healing upon the world.

© Witty_Pen 


You, in control of the world,
are worthy as a Lord.
Words flaunting your adoration,
to you being one, as a glorification.

The world now in humanely unrest
no one can save, only you first
can redeem withered souls
from ravages full in bowls
pervading distraction,
disorder, dishevelment and destruction.

Mankind yearns for wishes in supplication.
Alas! You make it a gratification.
Beseeching desires of days in ease not to lease,
and make the world a bedrock of peace.

© midun


I went down, humbly on my knees
closed my eyes and imagined the seas
if only the globe could be this peaceful.
But NO,
it was irredeemably rueful.

I uttered out some words imploringly
to the God of all possibility.
We have acted towards you with audacity
disdain, lack of reverence and all temerity.

Cries echo up to the heavens;
cries caused by catastrophe from the devil.
Our voices appeal in all ramifications.
God, listen to the cries of all nations.

© Barnabas


I pray for Nigeria my country,
that She understands the jeopardy
she puts her future in
for lust and today’s gain.

My prayer for the Dark Continent
is that She dumps her robes of mockery,
and puts on Light’s new garment;
an ensign of His Glory.

And that She breaks her history
of politics and economic misery.
So those to be born of Her
would be proud to call Africa their Mother.

And I pray for the rest of the World
that they come out of self worship and regimen,
and all the World would say to the Lord
is “all I am and have is yours o God!” Amen.

© W.I.C


We plead for a trial system without a dent
fairly barring innocents from insurgents.

That the leaders thread not in the wake of lies
rather in the people’s core their thought lies.
That they be drenched in a puddle of wisdom
and uphold the sceptre of service.

That in the people a heart of love is bound
that pleas for order be not ground
and that through weal and woe,
the nation remains a whole.

That from our labours a stranger does not estrange us.
That this epidemy does not make us enemies
and that a soothing breeze razes this curse
purging the land of all ills.

That my orisons bid not farewell unseen
and that relief shatters this siege.

© Ademola Phocus


A world full of peace,
devoid of military and biological war;
a world where everyone is equal;
no room for racism
is all I pray for.

A world where I won’t be judged about my religion,
and nasty remark won’t be directed at me;
a world where freedom is my birthright;
is all I ask of.

A world where my Lord’s Word is supreme,
and everyone is directed towards attaining His Pleasure;
a world where Eternal Bliss of the Hereafter is sought;
is what I pray all nations would be.

© Ummulkhayr


The world is hurting, people are dying.
Nations are sick, the world is crying,
our mouths have been sealed, we now mime.
Dear God, in order to show our displeasure, we mime.

We know our voices don’t rhyme,
we know the world is filled with crimes.
We’ve been coated with the rime of corruption.
Please Lord, heal our nation.

Visit our Jericho Lord.
Make all forms of bitterness turn to sweetness.
Visit our land, oh Lord.
Heal the world and deliver us our pains and infirmities.

© Eriikeoluwanimi


If my people humble themselves,
cry and look up to me for help,
through contrite heart, healing comes.

Roads maintain deep silence,
men in fear sustain social distance;
our walls are broken, no maintenance.

Turn not your eyes against us,
if you don’t heal us, who will?
Break cords of wickedness;
restore back our peace.

Our five and six senses
failed us, we’re left with none.

In your mercy, come show kindness,
remeber your love and heal us.
To nations of the world,
speak one word, one word is enough PEACE.



For the States that cry out loud in pain
weighing heavy upon big turmoils,
presently facing brooding on the next phase of actions.

To all the nations of the world
encountering this pandemic outbreak.

The unfaded grace of the Lord is what we clamour,
surrounded by the beautiful flow of non envisaged honey!

© Waleeyah Olalekan


I sit alone and look upon
all the sorrows of the world
and upon all oppression and shame.
I hear the secret convulsive sobs of men,
from the loss of a loved one.

Today our flag is flying low,
as tear drops stain its cloth
Mourning yet another day comes,
so many lives lost.

No more shaking of hands,
don’t touch your face,
never stand too close, in a crowded place.
This is our national anthem, day by day.

We silently carry in our heart, a lot of hope.
As I look into the future, I hope for peace.
Peace of mind and peace of man.

© Precious


I pray the table turn;
The poor, wealthy to become,
the ‘clothless’, clothe with clothes not torn,
the homeless, housed to warm.

I pray we correct our wrong,
against ourselves and God almighty.
Sin wrapped in grace now our song,
blinded and lured into false liberty.

I pray we fix our problem;
the ones we passed into law already;
homosexualism and bestialism in our system
allowing Lucifer to kill us steadily.

I pray we don’t go too far from redemption,
I pray we seek God for intervention,
I pray we find God for solution.
This is my prayer for our nation.



Upon you we call, the All knowing,
who is nearer to us than our jugular veins.
Following your command,
“Call upon me, I will answer”.

The world is put in chaos,
by the bragging pandemic virus.
It’s gingering its swagger
oppressing the rich and the poor
exploiting the old and the young.

O ! Our creator,
No where is safe.
The ark of Noah can not be found.
The world powers are powerless.
We call upon you, who are restless.
We know your power lies in Be,
with it COVID-19 can be annihilated.

© 🖊️ Abdullahi Shuaib.


Oh God hearken unto the cries of the world.
Science may or have failed but not your word.
Please heal the nations of the world like Nigeria.
Do not destroy us like Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a people, we are close to being hopeless.
For our human brains have left us helpless.
In your mercy, heal us and take this plague away.
We’re confused and don’t even know how well to pray.

Help us with our infirmities and bring health.
Disappoint those who use our pains to make wealth.
Again, let us have a clearer vision of light,
for we acknowledge our sins and want to live right.

Please Lord, torment the trouble of humanity
and restore to us joy, peace and sanity.


God !
Let’s find enough to fill our stomach.

Let sorrow creep out of our lives
as the sun crawls out from horizon.

Lift the curse you’ve put on us,
lay thy hands of health on the plague’s victims,
lay thy hands of mercy on the suffering.

Pigeons art birds of prestige,
so shalt we be honoured.

Doves art synonymous to peace,
ease shalt replace our hustle.

Like the dawn fetched stream water,
may our lives be settled.

Who wish us well – may they be well.
Blow air of reconciliation into brain of villains.

A-m-e-n !

© βαπur


Oh! Mother nature!
We have indeed wronged thee,
we have altered thy balance
and thy silent cries echo anguish.

We had paid deaf ears to thy signs,
our pride made us overlook thy warnings.
Thy rage is evident and justified,
yet no offering to placate thee.

But please be tender,
let peace return to the world
and let us sing songs of joy again,
again let us walk the land without fright.

We’ve learnt our lessons;
we pray you heal our lands,
permit us a chance to right our wrongs,
Let drums of felicity at our sundry coasts sound again.

© Afoo


Foreign winds blow across the sea,
whispering brings peace to me,
the ocean brings sweet emotion,
that asks the storms to calm.
As the wind softly lifts the leaves of the palm.

In the distant, they play the war drum,
from the sky falls yet another bomb.
From the distance fires with another gun.
As we all search for where peace comes from,
with sweet regret for what war has done.

Rain falls and the earth bleeds
washed away in the blood are life’s seeds.
Mother earth begs and pleads
for war to stop,
we join her on bended knees.
In a prayer for peace.

© Ifeoluwa


I pray for all the nations of the world:
for peace and stability,
unity and tolerance,
growth and development,
happiness and love.
And finally, recovery from the pandemic,
this I pray in Jesus Name.

© Debbie


Peace unto flowers of the flora.
May your petals always feel aurora,
may your trees produce in plethora,
and your ambiances be filled with idyllic aura.

Placidity unto dwellers of the ocean.
May your habitat be free of commotion,
may your environs be free of corruption,
and may you stick together without division.

© Romlah


Tonight, I will shed my last tears
that when morrow comes
I’d have none left.

I pray for peace that does not mutter
that our elves shall not become a lamestone.

I pray for government that does not falter
that our dead shall not rot in gravestones.

That our son will rise above all mighty clouds
and our river will flow across all destitute banks.

That on last days there shall be no stone
upon another but Justice that flows
like ancient river and truth that speaks
for generations to come.

This is my crusade
on which solid trust I build.



Dreadful and awkward is the
pandemic upon you nations of the earth.
Your economy has been crippled
by this armless disease.

Most of your inhabitants are made
subject to compulsory retreat;
So pitiable!

I hereby declare healing
into all nations of world,
your burdens are lifted
and yoke are lighten.

Prosperity is released on your gates,
while healing is inscribed on your walls.

You are re-calibrated to proper
state; serving the true living
and only wise God (AMEN).

© Pope-Chris


Stars are vanishing day after day.
The land is swallowing up stars,
the witnesses sit in humbled observance
as the few stars left lift up their voices.

The stones are in great distress.
The sun burns even into our souls.
O Controller! The moon smites with vengeance,
the rocks wail beneath our tired feet.

Lords and serfs beseech your mercy.
Your drawn sword we ask you sheath.
O! Designer of the universe, our sackcloth are on,
save us from this untimely distress we plead.

Return joy to our worn out mothers
return happiness to our bewildered sons.
Let the stars who are burned shine on.
Let the sun comfort us and the moon bless us

© Sanni omobolade

Short Stories and Write-ups section


We were piled, cuffed and stocked down our houses, no movement, no touching, no walking and our eyes bled fire and fixed up with danger as our business, works, financial setups got held up while crashing in the heat of COVID-19 pandemic fleeting its venom in the country.
I was squeezed down within me like a bird with one foot tucked behind a calf looking at the raging sea. I thought too deep and breathe endlessly with the dread ascending the climax within the echelon of my heart and brain while pushing me down river of sorrow.  
As the COVID-19 wind kept blowing fiercely through the nation, I ran my hands through the surface of my blue trousers and suddenly stumbled on an inscription “Prayer Time”,I looked closely and suddenly drenched myself in the pool of prayer for the nation.
©Israel Eze Jacob


The nation in this present day is in a state of nature, so would John Locke, Hobbes or Rousseau say.

People often have a wrongly use of this phrase “state of nature” to imply a lawless state or a nation or a society in total chaos. But that is not natural at all, nature is the most coordinated and serene system ever know.

When we say “the nation is in a state of nature”, it implies that there are several element of uncommon equanimity and peace in what we see in today’s world. In this lock down the nation is calm, free from pollution, corruption, killing, theft and bomb threats.

It’s obvious, this could be what God wants, and this is why Jesus came down and the world will grow in this serenity if we follow all his commands, so I continue to pray for the nation to follow the statutes of God in this trying time and never depart from them. in Jesus Name! Amen!

© Jigs Michael


Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high, will rest in the shadow of the almighty. Let no violence be heard in the land; nor ruin, nor destruction, or any affliction of any kind for a name has been given, a name above every other name; the name of Jesus.

Every of the lord’s promises even the one he said our mourning and time of pestilence is over, this we pray come to pass soonest.

Let our sorrows turn to happiness. God our refuge, In you we trust, have mercy upon us all. The nations of the world receive their healing from any disease in Jesus name.

© Instinctive


Life, sometimes demands struggle, but when those times come, it is easy to become overwhelmed. When business is strenuous, partnership is demanding, new ideas are laborious, and relationships are perplexing, we all face the temptation to give up.

This necessitates us to sip from the word of this Master mind “We need to be aware of suffering, but we must retain our clarity and strength so we can help transform the situation” – Thich Nhat Hanh

The most powerful tools for the hardship period to be overcome are words- words that encourage, motivate and inspire us, that remind us to be strong and that better days are coming.

© Ogunbunmi oluwashina Samson


My alarm rang out indicating that it was 6:00 a.m. I sluggishly crawled out of my bed and knelt down beside it. I had been on a seven days fasting and prayers. Today finally marks the seventh day I rejoiced within me.

I led my prayers of intercession with faith. I prayed as follow; “Father, I thank you for your mercy upon our nations of the world.
Oh lord! please, put a stop to the spread of this pandemic disease called COVID
19(corona virus).

Oh lord! We are all in hunger strike, deliver us all. I acknowledge you as the creator of our nations of the world please, have your way and let it be well with the world…”. In Jesus name I prayed.

I couldn’t help myself as I Suddenly dozed off where I knelt down.

© Ashade Grace(The pen🖋️🖋️)


Lord, we humble ourselves before you and we ask for mercy as we repent of all our sins, inequities and transgression.

We lament knowing we have left your original and divine plan for us, we know we hurt your feelings and now we acknowledge our foolishness and we ask for your pardon.

Lord, have mercy on the nations of the earth, heal our land from this evil called COVID-19 and COVID – 419. Restore our health again and restore our economy in the Jesus name we pray. Amen

© Benedicta Agagbo

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