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Road to stardom from the slum
By Awoniyi Olabode

Humans are filled with one or two things which they intend to achieve in life. You can definitely not have something in mind and want to chase after nothing. You either have a goal to walk towards or a goal that walks towards you. Unfortunately, goals can not walk to you, you have to walk towards your goals. As a person who lives a miserable life or a life unwished for, but has some positive intentions towards the future, you have to set your self a goal first and know what you want to work for. The road to stardom is so not easy and at the same time it is so easy ; I said this because this same world had produced lots of icons, legends and celebrities in different field of specialization (Music, Politics, Acting, Comedy) and lots more. When you ask them how they finally made their star, they all have something to talk about.

A journey starts with a step, in the process of taking the step, you face lots of challenges, and discouragement from haters. A focused person would not mind these negative vibes from the negative influences. You definitely know that your route is not frenzy and rosy and you want to make your self a cynosure of greatness. Right? So therefore, never should you allow the negative talks from people disconnect you from achieving your aims and goals in life because you surely know what you are chasing. Excuse yourself from people that would distance your assurance of making it in life, abstain from people who see you as a threat to their goals, do away with people that feel you are going to succeed more than them and finally see you as their enemy.

Furthermore, the continuation to the chase of your goal should remain active I.e Consistency is key. Being consistent goes a long way and people are sincerely lacking in this key factor. As a key figure of your goal, consistently chase your dream. Either as a musician, football player, or anything legitimate you are involved in, you have to keep pushing hard to your audience so that people who don’t seem to fancy your style will finally get used to it.

Well, you may have failed at the first instance but consistency will make you not just fit in but stand out. Albert Einstein said “Failure is success in progress” that is if you are consistent in what you do. When you fall, rise again and learn from your past reason that made you fall.

In addition to this, we have to look at transparency as an element to reaching  stardom, some people have ruined their chance to success because they are not transparent in what they do, the process of not making it obvious to people is not allowing them get to the peak of their career, they remain stagnant and never move on because of their not being transparent. People who are ready to help you won’t give you attention because of your hanky panky behaviour and this may taunt your way to success.

When you look vividly into the world today, most of the high profile people also had a rough start and a poor background but they never gave up on chasing their dreams and objectives. Icons in the politics today have a story to tell, legends in the music industry have something to say, celebrities also have something to say because they never stopped learning and never stopped chasing until they got there.

No matter how old you are, no retreat, no surrender. Never give up, God is your strength. Let me remind you that your background is not the reason for your downfall because in as much you have the mentality that you have a low level background and you can also reason it yourself that things are not going the way you want it, you should also be able to reason on how to turn things around. Greatness doesn’t run to people, people run towards greatness. If you learn to be consistent and transparent enough, you will surely attain your desired heights and the moon will surely bring brightness into your darkness.

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